The Most Instagrammed Floors From Around the World

Look down, you never know what you'll find

We're often too busy looking at our immediate surroundings to notice the beauty beneath our feet.

To tempt you into looking down, #Ihaveathingwithfloors is the hashtag trending on Instagram that's got everyone sharing beautiful floor designs from around the world.

Around 868,000 photos have been shared, each one more beautiful than the next, and the account @ihavethisthingwithfloors has more than 810,000 followers.

From LA to Lisbon, and from Melbourne to Milan, there's floor inspiration everywhere - you've just got to look down.

Restaurants, hotels and fashion houses have been getting more creative with their interiors, installing floor masterpieces.

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Even bakeries and honey shops have been getting in on the action.

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Because these days businesses are having to be more design-conscious than ever before.

Restaurants, bars, hotels and retail spaces are realising that having a trend-led space, especially with an “Insta-worthy” floor is a guaranteed way to get visitors snapping and tagging in their posts - leading to more visitors.

Annabel's Private Members Club (opens in new tab) is the perfect example of this, having just unveiled their new mosaic-clad powder rooms, with the wall pattern continuing over the floors and ceiling.

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Featuring pretty patterns and intricate illustrations, these striking floor images prove that art is all around us.

The floor sharing movement is full of inspiration, including ideas we can easily incorporate into our homes.

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With so much inspiration abound, homes are getting more creative with their tiled floors too.

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Aside from offering some major interior inspiration, the viral pictures have got us dreaming of holiday destinations (opens in new tab) too; floor hunting is driving travel as some plan holidays around visiting beautiful floors around the world.

But which floors have been Instagrammed the most?

The moon-patterned floor of the Siena Cathedral is one of the most frequently papped floors.The stunning allegorical floor was crafted from the 1300s to the 1800s and consists of 56 panels which cover a staggering 14,000 square feet. However the floor is only on full display for a few months of the year in order to protect it from damage.

Another striking design is the Via Laietana in Barcelona. This unique light clock is located down a passageway in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona and was built in 1935 by watchmaker Juan Cabrerizo. It's part of a set of two almost identical clocks, with the other being located on Carrer de Rocafort.

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The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York is also frequently snapped, as alongside itsart collection it also features gorgeous mosaic floors, like the one below.

And the Café de Flore in Paris is celebrated for its beautiful floor (as well as being one of the oldest coffeehouses in Paris).

The historic fan patterned floor has inspired many similar floors worldwide.

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It's safe to say there's the hashtag offers no shortage of floor porn.

From satisfyingly symmetrical geometrics...

... and Greek and Aztec repeat patterns...

... to floors that tell a story through puzzle pieces and intricate mosaics...

... and floors that offer unexpected surprises.

There's plenty of inspiration to be found for your own interior projects.

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How about some marvellous mosaics for a tiled bathroom?

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Or Escher-inspired repeat patterns for a hallway?

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The rise in demand for beautiful flooring has in turn led to more designers creating boundary-pushing tile designs, rugs, carpets and mosaics.

We're certainly not complaining.

Images via Carpetright's Floored Beauty project (opens in new tab).

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