Introducing Ownable: The Easy Way To Shop Livingetc

Our editorial team scours the world of design and interiors to bring you the most inspiring, creative and stylish ideas for your home.

But we know that inspiration is only the start – searching for those products isn’t always straightforward, and takes time. That’s about to change.

Introducing Ownable - a new service for Livingetc readers

Livingetc has teamed up with Ownable to connect you directly to the ideas and products in our features. Meaning you can buy directly off the page and get straight back to enjoying the magazine.

Whereas Livingetc is designed for inspiration, Ownable is here to make it yours – in the simplest, most seamless way. If a particular product or brand catches your eye, you can now buy it via an easy-to-use app.

Locate products by selecting the corresponding page number in the Ownable app. Then review product details and photos, and purchase from different sources and brands – all from a single Ownable account.

Everything you buy is the genuine article as seen in Livingetc, sourced from trusted suppliers by Ownable – and always at a competitive price.

Orders, deliveries, returns and refunds are all managed from your account. Once you’ve signed up with your payment and delivery details, you’re all set to buy any product from any brand in the magazine – you won’t have to enter your details again.

Most importantly, our writers remain free to share the expert opinion and independent advice that you trust. Ownable simply provides a seamless way to move from page to checkout.

Using Ownable - how it works

  • Download the app
  • Select the magazine you’re reading
  • Enter the page number and choose the product you’re after
  • Then simply click to buy, save or find out more – Ownable does the rest

Look out for Ownable thumbprints in the latest issue of Livingetc; every time you see one, it indicates you can buy products shown on that page.

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