Designs for the natural home

Another Country's Ori collection aims to nurture us with nature..

The benefits of nature on our well-being are well-documented, so it’s no surprise that biophilic design is on the rise. Bio what you say? Biophilic design basically focuses on our innate human connection to nature with the aim of bringing more of it into our homes and work spaces. It’s design that doesn’t just look good, it will make us feel good too.

For this reason, contemporary furniture maker Another Country has teamed up with pioneering architecture practice Ekkist, to bring us the Ori Collection, which demonstrates how design can be used to improve well-being.

Ori planter, £695.

The collection is inspired by Ekkist’s ‘Ori House’, the UK’s first house designed specifically to benefit the health and well-being of the building’s occupants, based on the innovative WELL Building Standard™.

The result is a collection of furniture designed to contribute to better indoor air quality, mindfulness through texture and craftsmanship, and the incorporation of natural elements through biophilic design.

go green

Indoor planting has been shown to reduce stress and improve concentration. With this in mind, the Ori Planter encourages you to bring more plants into your home or workplace. Taking inspiration from outdoor planting troughs, the Ori Planter works well postioned by a window, or even at the end of your bed.

Ori planter, made to order, £695, Another Country.

lighten up

A healthy home environment is light filled and this mirror is hinged to reflect light around the room as well as providing a generous bedroom or hallway mirror. Made using Solid Ash and glass mirror, it’s simple brass hinges add a decorative but at the same time functional detail.

Ori wall mirror, made to order, £1,555, Another Country.

break away

Designed for the natural home, the Ori Coffee Table uses simple geometry. The large round tray top can be easily lifted off the oblong leg frame, should you wish to decamp and have your coffee or continue what you’re doing elsewhere.

Ori coffee table, made to order, £755, Another Country.

au naturel

The Ori Guest Bed is a day time sofa, a single put me up and a pull out double bed all in one. A versatile piece, designed in response to Ekkist’s Well-being principles it’s made from solid Ash with two slim mattresses made by Naturalmat and filled with a combination of organic coir and wool.

Ori sofa bed, made to order, from £3,995, Another Country.


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