This London house is made entirely out of Lego

And there's an 8ft slide you can use as an exit instead of a door...

Have you ever seen a house made entirely out of Lego? No, you're not the only one. But, if you head into London this weekend, now you can. Designer Camille Walala has unveiled ‘House of Dots’ – a five-room interactive house with an 8ft slide, built with the help of 180 children and a group of passionate Lego adult fans.

The artist introduced her most interactive work to date at Coal Drops Yard in London’s Kings Cross to introduce the entirely new 2D tile play concept from the Lego Group, called Lego Dots.

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To tease the new product, Walala was invited to bring Lego Dots to life in a free public art installation that celebrates their shared values of creativity, self-expression and accessibility, expressed through the vibrant colours and bold geometric patterns of both the new product and her own signature work.

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The result is House of Dots: a fantastical house you can visit, comprising five rooms spread over eight shipping containers, in which everything from the walls and floors to the rugs, frames and furniture has been customised in a mashup of Lego Dots and Walala’s distinctive patterns and colours.

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Playful and immersive, House of Dots invites you to journey through a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and finally a unique dots disco room designed to celebrate self-expression and let the body flow freely with Lego Dots disco moves to a custom playlist from Ele Beattie.

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While you explore the space, you're encouraged to get involved by designing your own patterns and bracelets – and even take elements away with you - ahead of the release of Lego Dots in March 2020.

And the fun doesn't stop there... You can also exit the house via an 8ft slide down the side of the installation.

Camille Walala says: 'It’s a joy to create a fun space where kids and adults can spontaneously express their creativity, make something beautiful and show off who they are. House of Dots captures all the exuberance and playfulness that people know me for, with something extra special: the chance to let your imagination go wild and create your own work of art. Oh, and a slide.'

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Lego Dots taps into the arts and crafts space by using a 2D tile-based play concept that offers children a creative canvas for self-expression.Based on multiple shapes and colourful tiles, it is supported by an exciting portfolio that ranges from wearables to room décor with surfaces designed for individual customisation and self-expression.

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Lena Dixen, Senior Vice President and Head of Product and Marketing Development at the LEGO Group, says about the collaboration with Camille Walala: 'We’re extremely excited to introduce Lego Dots as a new arts and crafts building concept giving children a creative canvas for social, self-expressive play with endless, ever-changing patterns, colours and designs.

'As someone who epitomises how confidence in your creativity can have a tremendous impact, Camille was perfect to collaborate with to announce it to the world. She has created something extraordinary and immensely fun that we can’t wait for our fans to explore and be inspired by.'

Discover House of Dots at Coal Drops Yard from 28 January to 2 February by signing up here.

Kids under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

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