10 key wallpaper trends for 2020

Wallpaper experts reveal the hottest wallpaper trends for the year ahead

This year, wallpaper is all about bold patterns, warm colours, 3D texture and natural-inspired materials like grasscloth, cork, straw and wicker wallpapers, with key trends ranging from traditional florals and trompe l’oeil, to tropical botanicals and contemporary geometrics. Plus, with new printing techniques and finishes pushing the boundaries on new possibilities, wallpapers are moving away from paper altogether, making things even more exciting. Gone are the days of just printing on paper, you can now embellish corks, grass-cloths and silks with pretty much any design.

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The 2020 wallpaper trends are favouring the bold...

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According to Cole & Son's creative director Carley Bean, tapestry-inspired designs are going to see a rise in popularity this year. 'Tapestry-like designs are a perfect focal point for a room. Often inspired by idyllic landscapes, they bring the beautiful colours of the outdoors inside of the home. Their muted palette of greens, blues and neutrals can provide the colour inspiration and textures of the entire room.'

The Hispalis wallpaper from Cole & Son's Seville collection is inspired by tapestry designs and printed on a lovely chalky, textural paper which capture the softness and antique age of the inspiring originals. This tapestry-like design depicts an antique land in the balmy late afternoon sun with its densely overgrown archway in sun-bleached shades of Khaki, Burnt Orange and Sand.

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Seville, Hispalis 117/2005 in Khaki Multi by Cole & Son, cole-and-son.com



Mural-style landscape panoramas are also making their way onto more wallpapers.Scenic and mural wallpapers continue to be a huge trend for 2020, with atmospheric panoramas, scenes and murals putting your walls centre stage and offering a variety of extraordinary statements for your walls.'Landscape panoramas are interesting ; due to their large scale, they create an immersive dreamy universe,' explains Engelbert Honorat, creative assistant of Kenzo Takada.

K3 by Kenzo Takada

'We like to play with tonal colours, extruded or textured effects. Colour gradient can also illuminate an interior whilst transcending us,' Engelbert adds.

K3 by Kenzo Takada

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Sustainability is at the forefront of our minds, with an increased awareness of the finitude of our natural resources anddurable, natural, and woven materials being championed. So it's unsurprising that natural materials are weaving their way into wallpapers too, including wicker, grass, straw and silk.

While we’ve rarely encountered any wicker that we didn’t like, its latest incarnation as wall cladding is stirring new levels of lust. Drop-dead-divine Parisian showroom Atelier Vime is, as ever, leading the charge with superb floor-to-ceiling panels, while a new wallpaper line from NLXL and Studio Roderick Vos features a covetable cane-webbing effect...

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(Image credit: VOS-06 Angle Webbing Mahogany)

Two of Anthology's patterns are printed onto cork, an exciting new material for wall coverings not only for the material’s beautiful aesthetic, but also for its environmental and acoustic benefits. Named after M.C. Escher, the striking ‘ESCHERESQUE’ wallpaper features a labyrinth of tessellations that are digitally printed on natural cork.

This is Anthology’s Escheresque



Trompe-l'œil literally translates as trick of the eye, as walls are made to look like something they're not. For example, these walls may look tiled, but it's actually a clever new wallpaper design by Pierre Frey. The design brings a taste of Portugal’s tin-glazed walls home via spectacular scenic wallpapers.

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You’d be forgiven for thinking of traditional florals as a bit chintzy, but mark our words this style is making a comeback and grandma-style patterns are all the rage with cool, young interiors fans. Dubbed ‘grandmillennial style‘, the look is all about twee, chintzy florals like this.

Known for her love of vintage glamour and gorgeous interiors, singer-songwriter turned fashion and textile designer Pearl Lowe has just unveiled her latest wallpapers for British textiles brand,Woodchip & Magnolia. The new papers are a mix of her popular chintzy designs but in eight new, fresh colourways for spring.

Unmistakably ‘Pearl’ in style – the new wallpapers reflect her life-long passion for vintage, faded glamour, heritage prints, flapper-girl decadence and country house opulence – all mashed up with a smattering of pure rock n’ roll!

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This year has us all searching for security and structure amid the chaos. An escalating need to impose systems of order and control in all in all facets of life has seen a rise in popularity for simplified, structured design. Interiors referencing elemental geometric arrangements, subtle raised relief and monochrome palettes channel the comfort found in pattern and routine.

At the Surface Design Show, King Kong Design showcased 3D geometric wall tiles that are manufactured from natural cement powder.

Concrete Wall Tiles, Price starting from £350 per 1m2, https://www.kingkongdesign.com

The studio also creates folded geometric wall panels using high quality Canson paper. This handmade origami wall art makes a striking decorative application for walls.

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moduuli Paper White Cloud, £495 (150 x 55cm)

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There’ll be no eyebrows raised if you’re caught stroking walls this season, for surfaces are going soft and three-dimensional. The latest trend in wallcoverings is to give walls seductive touch-me texture, or textured effects, from printed cork and beaded papers to 3D geometric designs that pop out of the walls. Some people are even hanging rugs on their walls to give them texture and to make a room feel softer and cosier.

Work it with Arte’s Velveteen collection, where relief patterns meet tactile velvet.

A new line from wallpaper specialist Phillip Jeffries is, at first glance, all pared-back simplicity and monastic whites, yet when you reach out for a feel there’s more at play. Textured surfaces, hard to the touch and each made in the look and feel of weathered concrete, they are handmade from pulp generated from the abaca plant using a technique similar to papermaking. Interesting, yes, but also just very nice to look at.

1925 Concrete Washi II Paving the Way, £97.20lin m, Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, phillipjeffries.com

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The new school of Nordic decorator is proving that Scandi interiors aren’t all whitewashed walls and pale woods. All hail Pernille Lind, the brains behind Couverture & The Garbstore’s tile-tastic shop.

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The outdoors is being celebrated with modern tropical and botanical prints. 'We predict another eclectic year for wallpaper trends. Our designs draw influences from nature, with different colour palettes and patterns. The outdoors is celebrated indoors and is intensified through our designs', explains YO2's general manager Giorgos Liatsos.

Tropical Screens, TS1.07 SG by YO2 Colour: Stannic gold Material: Non-woven metallic Dimension: Customisable Price: Price upon request Distribution: click to see the local distributor Kindly credit: www.yoyo-designs.com

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This year, the wallpapers cross eras and universes. 'From Art Deco style to the trends of the 50s and 60s via Impressionist movement, designs are reborn in lively tones and adorn walls as works of art', Zuber's director Guillaume Tregouet predicts.


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The tropical trend is showing no sign of going anywhere, with many new season collections featuring classic palms and exotic botanicals. Gone are the flamingos, instead the focus is on more authentic, colonial-inspired Caribbean-style living.

Inspired by the tropics, Mindthegap's Tropical Cottage collection is is a celebration of island life and equatorial beach style. Combining vintage nautical and tropical motifs to create a glamorously eclectic hot-house aesthetic, the collection references a blend of Caribbean history and culture.

Mindthegap Cayo Largo wallpaper, £175 for three rolls. Mindthegap Abigail sofa in Traveller’s Palm linen fabric £2,440. Mindthegap Map of West Indies wall art £396.

The 17 new wallpapers and 8 patterned stonewashed linens combine palm tree, palm leaf and succulent motifs with tropical fauna and flora. Dense and lush, jewel-bright parrots, juicy fruit and lavish flowers are layered decoupage-style onto painterly illustrations of trees and plants.

Mindthegap Madagascar wallpaper £175 for three rolls. Mindthegap Mussa and Palma wall art £198 each. Mindthegap The Jungle cushion £139.

Joining the wallpapers and linens are upholstered hardwood furniture, wall art and fringed lampshades, pendant lights and cushions.

Mindthegap Palmera Cubana dark wallpaper £175 for three rolls. Mindthegap Dakota armchair in Palmera Cubana linen fabric £1,750. Mindthegap Riverside cushion £109. Mindthegap Trees of Krakatoa wall art £180.

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