So what exactly is Feldspar?

A design studio that produces simple, timeless and beautifully made objects for both the traditional and modern home.

Tell me about the brand ethos?

Feldspar’s philosophy is to create ‘objects for life’ – items that can be used everyday and cherished for decades. There’s a belief in local sourcing and sustainability, with everything handcrafted and made from the best materials available near the couple’s workspace in Devon.

What inspired Cath and Jeremy to start the brand?

The couple’s move from inner-city life in Hackney to rural Devon helped ignite the beginnings of the brand. Wanting to start a design practice, they took inspiration from objects around them, including those belonging to their grandparents.

They were impressed that pieces from centuries ago – tiny 400-year-old mugs, for example – still looked fresh and relevant to today’s aesthetics. The couple knew from the start that they had to create objects to last, not wanting to add to the overwhelming amount of ‘stuff’ in the modern world.

Why the move to Devon?

Leaving London behind gave the couple’s creativity room to breathe. After moving from a tiny flat to a rambling farmhouse, they were able to properly think about the things they wanted for their own space.

The first thing they did was buy a wheel from a local potter and, without the distraction of the internet, television or phone signal for the first few months, by Christmas they had made all the crockery they needed to host a big family gathering. From there they began making more for themselves, which became a wellspring of ideas for Feldspar.

What is their design process?

Both are trained designers; Cath studied architecture and Jeremy furniture design. Their creative eyes are thus slightly different, one preferring to sketch, the other a fan of modelling, but the creative process is always a deeply collaborative one. Two minds are better than one!

Any must-have pieces?

Cath loves the pasta bowls from Feldspar’s new tableware collection. They have elegant hand-painted cobalt banding, and are wide and shallow with dimples to allow them to sit snugly in the hands. Another special product is the 7oz coffee mug, the first product the couple ever made and so a long-standing favourite. The Livingetc team covets the Moor blankets, which are made from superfine Geelong lamb’s wool and depict an abstracted landscape inspired by the surrounding countryside.

The brand’s home fragrances are also on our wish list. Scented candles come in irregular ceramic pots, and handmade soaps made with coconut and olive oils use natural extracts inspired by the Devon coast, such as kelp, green clay and ash.

Where can I get my hands on these goodies?

Established stores such as The Conran Shop, Fortnum & Mason and Twentytwentyone sell the brand’s wares, as do a number of off-the-beaten-track lifestyle emporiums, including Alex Eagle Studio, 8 Holland Street and Caro Somerset. You can also shop the full collection on Feldspar’s own sleek website.

What’s next for Feldspar?

The couple continue to be inspired by things they need or would like for their own home. With two young children around, expect to see a line of children’s toys on the way. Ceramics remain an important part of the studio’s development and we hear on the grapevine a line of wafer-thin ceramic lampshades is on the horizon.Watch this space.

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