Use a magical sleight of hand to team two depth-defying fabrics into one amazing tablecloth. Hats off to that!

Run vibrantly patterned wallpapers and prints in unusual ways across walls and furniture.

And don't forget the windows..

Go wild and pair spots and geometrics for a novel approachto décor – this is a design device that bites!

Throw in some animal magic for good measure.

It'll conjour up fresh ideas all round.

To help ground a high-flying scheme, bring things back down to earth with cool neutrals and calming curves.

Have fun with metallic finishes.

Shifting patterns and bold stripes whipup a crazy, carnival atmosphere.

And sets a fun tone for a kid's room.

That will let their imaginations go wild.

Balloon motifs and candy colours conjureup the spirit of the Big Top.

Photography / Chris Everard

Styling / Hannah Franklin

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