Soho House Design Director Linda Boronkay on Relaxed Living

The group's Design Director on bringing the 'house' vibe to your home...

Let it flow

‘The key to maximising a living room is selecting furniture that fits the space. Before splashing out, make a note of measurements.

Then mark out which pieces go where using tape. Your mission is to make sure you can navigate around the room easily,’ says Linda Boronkay.

Find the focal point

It could be a fireplace, an amazing view or even an empty wall where you can hang your favourite artwork.

If you have a big piece of art that you want to display, start with that when planning your scheme. Linda loves colourful art, so she always chooses cushions or fabrics in corresponding shades.

Hide the tech

Once you have identified your focal point, you know where to arrange your seating. ‘Whatever you do, don’t make your TV the main feature of the room; the trick is to make it
as inconspicuous as possible,’ says Linda.

‘Perhaps commission a purpose-built cupboard in which to hide the TV, or place it against a dark backdrop so that it blends with the decor.’

In the mix

When it comes to seating, Linda likes to mix things up. ‘It’s a lot more personal when you source pieces one by one, ideally at a vintage market or an antiques shop.

My preference is for a sofa and two armchairs — they don’t have to match, but shop for a similar style.’


A small living room challenges you to think slightly differently. Free up space by replacing a sofa with two larger armchairs and always choose furniture that serves multiple functions.

Placing a wooden tray on top of a pouffe can turn it from a footstool into a handy extra side table.


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Customising cushions with fringes or trims is a fabulous way to create a little contrast or add a touch of personality. They don’t need to be symmetrical–three or four cushions are sufficient for a sofa.

If you have armchairs, put one cushion on each.

Layer lighting

Low-level lighting is great for drawing the eye to different areas of the room, making it feel bigger and look more interesting. Never underestimate the number of floor and table lamps you need and make sure you put them on a dimmer.

This allows for flexibility depending on the time of day or your mood. Place a small lamp next to the TV at eye level. Apparently, a low glow while watching TV is better for your eyesight.

Book smart

‘I love displaying books on my coffee table — they’re like pieces of art in their own right,’ says Linda. ‘The mistake people often make is over-cluttering.

Function should always come first. Make sure you leave enough space to be able to actually use your coffee table.’

Make it personal

‘I’m a hoarder, so my mantel is home to pieces that make me happy like wedding invitations or birthday cards. I also have a couple of beautiful mid-century vases, which I found at a vintage market,’ says Linda.

‘Style your mantelpiece with items that are personal to you and tell a story of your life and your travels.’

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