Stylish schemes: choosing colour in the living room

Whilst the living room is undoubtably a wonderful space to rest and relax in, the living areas in our homes also serve an important role in setting the tone for a party or creating the perfect comfy corner for entertaining friends and family, so it’s important to pair clever use of colour with plenty of personality.

Having visited some incredible homes as part of our latest book Extraordinary Interiors In Colour, here’s our four key elements for celebrating colour confidence in your living room and a few top tips added in to help you own the look…


As the starting point for living room colour schemes, the walls of your living space are your opportunity to express your sense of style with paint or wallpaper.

Nude colours and pale pinks are ideal for living spaces with warm undertones that will make you feel nurtured and safe, whilst brighter shades of pink promise to create an impact and inspire creativity.

As the ultimate shade for relaxation, bold and bright blues are said to inspire feelings of serenity and contentment.

From vibrant aqua tones to the inky blues of the night sky, blue is a timeless choice when it comes to living room colours and looks especially amazing in south facing spaces.

We’re also a big fan of natural colours when it comes to living room paint ideas, from honey tones to sandy shades and nature’s favourite colour, green.

The ultimate crowd pleaser, green can be adapted to suit just about any interior and is renowned for calm, balance and a renewed connection to nature.

Dark greens work wonders in living rooms when you are in need of a little respite and also offer an amazing backdrop for bold coloured artwork and accessories.

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To introduce playful pattern, opt for a wallpaper and take inspiration from the home of Wendy & Gregor, below (and featured in our new book).

Celebrating colourful maximalism, Wendy layers rich paprika toned wallpaper with vintage art and quirky accessories in a similar colourway for beautiful effect.

With countless patterns and colour combinations to choose from, wallpaper provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with bold colour to bring the walls of your living room to life.

To create a sense of harmony, select a few key colours from your wallpaper design and introduce these colours across your furniture and accessories.

Top Tip: Create something unexpected by wallpapering the entire room, including the ceiling. Feature walls can look great, but we have a lot of respect for those who go all the way and wallpaper the entire room… it’s incredibly difficult to pull off, but if you can do it, we salute your creative magic.

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A painted ceiling istheway to make a statement.Colourful ceilings such as greens, pinks, or blue create a fabulously unusual colour pop but it's not for the faint-hearted...

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You can create a cocooning feel with dark ceilings and don’t worry, it won’t make the room feel small and oppressive. In fact, it will have the opposite effect.

Dark ceilings are the perfect choice for small living room ideas and promise to open up the room to create the feeling that you are looking at the night sky that goes on forever.

For chic and modern living room ideas, black looks absolutely fantastic in just about any style of interior and promotes a feeling of cosiness that is ideal for the living room.

Top Tip: One for the bold, why not opt for high gloss paint and create a mirror-like effecton your living room ceiling? This looks especially amazing when paired with a statement ceiling light or dramatic chandelier.

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As the living room is often the most used room in the house, it’s worth investing in a statement sofa that turns heads and colourful sofas are genius at creating instant impact in your sitting room.

Great for colour-phobes who want to inject colour into their interiors without committing to all four walls, colourful sofas promise a stylish focal point with a welcome pop of beautifully bright and bold colour.

A true investment piece that you’ll keep for years to come, a few of our personal favourites include, vibrant hot pinks, warm ochre yellows and rich, earthy orange velvets.

Top Tip: Curved interiors are an interior trend that is here to stay and nowhere is this more evident than in the curved sofa sphere. Sexy curvy sofas are great for adding shape to your interiors and are even better for those of you who want to position your sofas away from the wall.

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Now for the fun part... accessories. This is the point where you really get to express your personality in your living room, so go to town with your favourite cushions, throws, quirky ornaments and artwork.

Keep to a similar colour theme with playful patterns and tantalising textures in the same spectrum or opt for contrasting colours to create plenty of drama.

Offering a more subtle approach to colour in the living room, be brave and curate your display of artwork and accessories with playful colour combinations that help make the ultimate style statement.

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Top Tip:For the final finish, don’t forget beautiful house plants for a flash of gorgeous greenery. Incorporating nature into your interior design will have a transformative effect on the way you feel in your home, so it's not a step to be skipped.

For more of the incredible homes that have inspired our colour revolution here at Rockett St George, take a look at our latest bookExtraordinary Interiors In Colour, published by Ryland Peters & Small.

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