Customise Abigail Ahern's new collection for Hillarys with colourful linings and trimmings for a bespoke finish

Featuring striking inky shades, neutral geometrics and abstract monochromes, Abigail Ahern's debut collection for Hillarys has just launched with19 beautiful fabric designs, striking silky linings and colourful trims, plus cushions to match.

Take your pick from thetribal-inspired prints, a sultry palette of colours, vibrant linings and on-trend trimmings from the range to create a look that's beautifully bespoke.

‘I wanted people to have curtains or blinds that weren’t just added as an afterthought, but created a focal point in their room,’ explains Abigail. ‘The answer was to create a capsule collection that transforms spaces.’

Timeless designs in muted colours

‘I’m all about keeping the palette really restrained, which makes a room look incredibly beautiful, and throwing in some incredible curve balls to give things a bit of an edge,’ says Abigail. ‘Also, I wanted the spaces to be just as amazing from the outside looking in so that's why I've added coloured linings so the curtains look great on the reverse, too,’ she explains.

Visual surprises


Unexpected elements are a large part of how Abigail designs rooms. ‘I choose three focal points so your eye doesn’t quite know where to look. I also play around with scale. If everything is perfectly proportioned, you can’t create magic. So I put things that are too big in places that are too small – like a big lamp on a tiny table.

‘I also like to play around with texture which is key in this collection. Texture is like a herb and adds instant pizazz,' says Abigail. The splashes of bright colours and tasselled trims certainly bear this out.

Fortune favours the bold

Ahern's unfussy, graphic designs have a timeless, hand-drawn feel that will stand up against dark colour schemes as well as neutral ones. Fringe trims are vibrant – here the copper trim nods to the metallic theme in this work space.

The cushion effect

Factor in an array of cushions with colourful trims and don't forget metallics to help reflect light. ‘Cushions are the 5-minute facelifts of the decorating world because they immediately enliven anything you put them on, whether that’s beds, chairs or sofas. The ones I designed for Hillarys are double-sided, so you can change the look, and they come in different sizes to create various heights.'

Want some expert help?

Book a home appointment with a local advisor from Hillarys – they’ll discuss your ideas and bring samples and inspiration, from blinds to curtains and shutters to carpets. Plus, they will measure up and fit for you as well, so it will be easy to get your dream scheme.

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