Colourful Living Room ideas for all seasons

These colourful living rooms are brimming with character and will inspire bold colour choices, whether for your walls, floors, furniture or even ceilings.

The rooms below show how even a little splash of colour can go a long way. For example by painting internal doors and door frames an energising turquoise, or introducing tangerine in the form of a bright artwork, you can make a big impact. It’s easy to change things around when you want to, without too much upheaval too.

Whatever the time of the year, a vibrant shade will lift your mood and make a room feel alive. Colourful upholstery is a bold choice, but take a considered approach for larger pieces. A good sofa can last for twenty years, so choose a colour you can live with for the long term.

Check out these colourful sofas. 

For shorter term shots of colour; rugs, throws, curtains and cushions are the obvious solution, as you can swap them when the seasons change and reintroduce them again. Choose brighter colours and lighter fabrics for spring-summer and heavier textures and  richer tones autumn-winter. They’ll feel like new each time you bring them out.

Don’t be afraid to clash colours either. As you’ll see, the most unexpected hues make good bed fellows – turquoise and burnt orange feature in more than one space ahead.

Collect paint and fabric swatches and experiment with which shades work best together. If you choose one key colour that you love, the others will fall into place.

See these new paint shades.

If you’re more used to neutral or muted tones, and brighter colours are a step into the ‘interiors unknown’, take your time and build up the palette slowly; a new armchair here, a fresh coat of paint or a graphic poster there.

By building colour gradually, you’ll give yourself a chance to get used to living with bolder or brighter hues, and will be on the way to creating a colourful living room for all seasons.

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