Dare to bare..

There’s no denying, bare brick walls add warmth and character to a space and it’s an interiors trend that’s as strong as ever. So if you’re lucky enough to find good internal brick walls in your home, leaving them exposed is a simple and stylish basis for a room scheme.

But what to do if beneath the plaster your brickwork is less than perfect? Sourcing reclaimed bricks from an architectural salvage yard or re-using bricks from walls taken down elsewhere within your own home is a great option. If the latter is your intention, just make sure your builder is aware, so that they remove them with a little more care than they might otherwise and they leave them behind for you.

If you’re using reclaimed bricks, aim to source those similar to any exposed external brickwork for continuity – and if your aim is to connect your home and garden with glass doors, using the same bricks inside and out will create a seamless connection.

Teaming exposed brick with other raw materials in your interior, such as timber flooring or concrete surfaces will look grittily gorgeous and will bring about an earthy or industrial edge. For the New York loft-style look, Crittal windows and bare brick make a cool combo.

Where colour is concerned, neutrals and monochrome work well with brick – and leafy green is a natural partner. Interior decorator, Sera Hersham-Loftus, aka Sera of London, has grounded her beautiful boho space with a barely black dark and decadent ceiling; it perfectly offsets the warmth of the bare walls and rustic reclaimed floorboards in her sophisticated sitting room, while plenty of plants enliven the look.

At the opposite end of the monochromatic scale, a whitewashed brick wall brings rustic texture to a smart modern kitchen. Next to the smooth white plaster wall and blond wood floor it’s a design idea that looks both cool and characterful.


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