Balmy nights call for a restful retreat...

When temperatures soar and evenings are spent sipping chilled spritzes in the sun, a cool and calming bedroom to come back to, is key to a good night’s sleep.

Soothing neutrals, such as crisp white and soft grey create a pleasing palette that’s both fresh and relaxing. To keep a backdrop of white walls and white ceilings feeling cool and breezy, rather than cold and austere, layer textures, such as pale cotton curtains and light linen bedding, as this will balance the hard surfaces with soft touches and bring a tranquil beach-house vibe to your bedroom.

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Pastel pink and other ice cream shades will evoke lazy summer days, so accessorise at will. If you like the idea of light, floaty curtains, but are concerned about a 4-am sunrise wake-up call during the summer, consider pairing them with shutters (or a black out blind).

Plantation shutters will block out light and provide privacy, as you can open the slats to suit even when they’re closed, while solid shutters, will give complete window coverage so are generally left open during the day, so you may need a sheer blind or panel if you’re overlooked and want to prevent anyone from peeping in.

That said, there are other options, such as Tier on Tier or Half Solid shutters, if you’d like to be able to close the lower half for privacy and allow light through the upper half. So speak to a specialist about the various options available.

Mixing white and pale neutrals with darker tones can offer cool comfort too, as you will see in the examples ahead.

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For year round comfort, colourful, sumptuous rugs and cosy throws and blankets can be introduced and light curtains swapped for heavier drapes in the cooler months.

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