Zoffany Launches Its Alchemy of Colour Collection

With the intension to distil colour back to its essence, the Zoffany design team set up an alchemist’s studio, extracting natural plant dyes and crushing minerals to cook up 19 new coloursinspired by the jewel-like pigments from silks and documents in the Zoffany archive.

(Image credit: Andy Gore Ltd)

Expect rich, plum undertones, earthy ochres and intense greens, some versatile neutral shades as well asbold highlight colours including Tiger’s Eye, Koi Carp and Lazuli.The sophisticated Alchemy of Colour palette resonates throughout Zoffany's fabrics, paints and wall coverings.

Each shade is available in four finishes; flat emulsion, elite emulsion, acrylic eggshell and eggshell, and is infused with superior grade pigments.For you, this means flexibility to create décor schemes across your entire home, including walls, woodwork, metalwork and some exterior surfaces.£45 per 2.5 litres of flat matt emulsion.