This Genius "Umbrella Lamp" Might Be the Only Patio Light You Need This Summer — And It's On Sale This Weekend

This chic umbrella light looks like a marquee for your patio — and acts like one, too. And the best part? It's marked down 14% as we speak

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If it's between the months of June and August and above 70 degrees, you best believe I'm sitting outside for dinner. There is simply no greater joy than watching the sun set while chowing down on a plate full of seasonal veg, chatting with your friends or family until you've lounged long enough to switch to wine. Light is a crucial piece of this equation, though — at the start, you're basking in the glow of a setting pink and orange sun. But by the end, you could be sitting in the dark if you lacked the forethought to hang some string lights ... or buy one of the genius options I'm about to spend an entire article evangelizing.

It's worth noting I've never tried this specific light myself. But I am quite fond of the products highlighted by Amazon influencer and interior designer Anne Marie (@simplystagedandstyled), who turned me on to this one here, so I'm expecting a similar caliber. Could this be one of the best outdoor lights on the market? Let's get into it:

The perfect patio light for summer

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This easily installed clip-on umbrella light wraps around the pole of your table umbrella, casting a bright and convenient glow around the immediate area. In addition to the obvious benefit of extra light, it also frees up valuable table space, since you needn't take up any valuable real estate with freestanding lights and table lamps.

From a features standpoint, this model comes with a remote and a timer feature for ultimate convenience and boasts a few different lighting temperature settings for ideal vibe curation. Anne Marie describes it as a ' total dream.'

As you'll see later on, the swoon-worthy clip-on design isn't unique to this product. But what is unique (at least in my opinion) is the marquee-like look of the lights, which evoke a far more stylish and design-forward aesthetic than other umbrella lights on the market. When decorating your patio, it's truly the little things that make the biggest difference.

Consumer reviews are equally as raving, it seems. More than 300 units have been purchased in the last month, and the product itself boasts a 3.9/5-star rating on Amazon. A pretty decent rating for something so well-priced. The light is not rechargeable, so you will need AA batteries, but that shouldn't be a big deterrent anyway.

'Tis the season for outdoor dining, so strike while the iron is hot! Memorial Day Weekend is one of the best times to shop the best home decor brands, so it'd be a shame to miss out on this well-timed markdown. Of course, if you aren't totally impressed by the buy above, I've found a few additional options for outdoor illumination. Everything is outlined below, so all you have to do is shop to your heart's content. Enjoy!

9 patio lights for the summer host

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