These Viral Outdoor Lights Bolster Curb Appeal in Seconds. And the Best Part? They're Solar-Powered!

No more fumbling around in the dark — for just $40, your pool, driveway, or back patio stairs could get the custom lighting it deserves.

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A wise design expert once told me that lighting is like the jewelry of a room — an underestimated but nonetheless important and game-changing detail that can tie a whole outfit (or design scheme) together. And while such an adage applies more so inside the house, it's fitting for conversations regarding the exterior of the home, as well.

Now, when it comes to it, outdoor lighting is oftentimes more functional than it is pretty, but with a bit of magic (or the knowledge that comes with writing a seemingly infinite number of buying guides) you can indeed combine looks with purpose. Especially if you're a style editor like me — one who's particularly dedicated to finding simple solutions to some of life's peskiest problems.

So today, I'm coming to you with an absolute genius and affordable Amazon buy that not only illuminates your backyard or driveway, but also instantly elevates your home's curb appeal. And they said it couldn't be done!

Custom lighting for less

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Shout out to Jodie of The Design Twins, an Amazon influencer duo, who turned me on to the beauty of these $40 solar deck lights. In her reel, now viral with over 10,000 likes, Jodie goes through the (incredibly brief) process of installation before demonstrating how the lights actually perform in the dark.

The right-angled design is actually incredibly convenient for outdoor walls, fences, and driveways, as it works with a rectangular shape instead of against it. It attaches via adhesive strip, so no drills or screws are needed. And when it comes to powering the lights, well, that's not your job; it's the sun's. On a bright, shiny day, the sun's rays offer up a full charge in just 4-5 hours. Come evening, the lights turn on automatically, only to turn off come sunrise.

These nifty things are built to withstand wind, rain, or snow, and are currently Amazon's #1 best seller in its outdoor step lights category — if that's not a glowing endorsement I don't know what is! 'I was honestly shocked by the difference these fence lights made,' Jodie wrote in the caption of her reel. 'Now my neighbors are asking about who installed my new lighting!'

For $38, you can snag 16 total; or grab 20 total for $10 more. Whichever it is, I doubt you can go wrong. These bad boys boast a total 4.3/5-star rating across over 13,000 customer ratings, which is a behemoth amount, especially for Amazon. Use them in your pool, on an exterior wall, or to illuminate a set of stairs in the dark ... and watch as the compliments roll in (according to Jodie)!

6 extra outdoor lighting options

Solar-powered lights not for you? Never fear, dear reader. You already know I had to give you some options, all of which I've collated for you below. From oil lamps to string lights, there's something here for everyone (and some options are even on sale — did someone say Memorial Day Weekend?!).

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