These Affordable Amazon Curtains are Going Viral — and You Can Get Them Custom Sized

My TikTok and Instagram feeds have been inundated with videos of these $65 curtains. I'm starting to think they're worth the hype...

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It's my job to know when something is popular; when it has transcended niche, cult status and infiltrated the cultural consciousness, at least in terms of what people are buying.

Oh, everyone is talking about a certain trend? My shopping edit is loading. We're debating which of the best home decor brands now rules the roost? Let me get the low-down from one of their best designers on what to buy. That viral Amazon whatever is on sale? You better believe I'm whipping up a quick piece to alert the masses.

Of late, there's one piece of viral Amazon home decor that plenty of people have sworn by — a set of curtains that can be customized to the size you need. They've got glowing reviews, so I thought I'd dig into them a little more.

The viral Amazon curtains

Like I said before, I'm constantly on the lookout for trending products and buys. And I'll admit I ignored this one for while only to kick myself when it kept cropping up. Week after week, a deluge of users populated my FYP and Explore feeds with videos praising the Two Pages Isabella Customizable Linen Cotton Curtain, a $65 panel comprised of a heavyweight cotton blend fabric.


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By seemingly all accounts, these curtains are easy to order, easy to hang, and fairly priced at $65 per panel, each of which is custom-sized to fit your window and includes adjustable hooks for a pinch pleat top. In addition to the multitude of colors, including bone white, seedpearl, and slate gray, Two Hands offers consumers 5 different lining options to choose from: privacy, room darkening, blackout, thermal blackout, or no liner at all. What's more, each panel can be 'memory trained' (steamed at 248 degrees F) and shipped in special packaging to keep its pleated, draped shape if you so choose — you just have to pay a bit extra.

'These curtains are AMAZING and nicer than my in-laws custom draperies,' one user wrote in a review. 'I also sprang for the memory folds and they were well worth every penny. The curtains hang straight to the floor in perfect waves, and they are exactly what I imagined.'

'I took a huge leap of faith ordering these,' said another. 'Every influencer on [shopping app] LTK talks about these drapes so I finally ordered them. They are perfect.'

If these curtains don't quite do it for you (I don't agree, but I can understand), don't worry — your time reading this article hasn't been for naught. In the interest of pleasing everyone, I've added a few extra window treatment options for the thus far unimpressed shopper below. I think something here will pique your interest.

Curtains, drapes, and more to shop

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