Martha Stewart has us convinced that this underutilized piece of furniture is what's missing from our home offices

Her latest collection focuses on the home office, and makes a case for something you might not have considered adding to your own WFH space

Martha Stewart
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There aren't many areas of the home that we haven't let Martha Stewart into already. From her tips and tricks for organizing every room in the house, to her much-loved Martha Stewart Home collection that extends to kitchens, bathrooms and beyond, it's easier than ever to bring her signature touch to make your home more, well, homely. 

Her latest launch is perfect as summer winds down, and you look towards making your home a retreat. Where better to start in September than making your home office a more inspiring place to spend time?

And it's not just about good looks when you're talking WFH, either. 'Proper organization is essential to productivity,' Martha says, 'and it serves as the inspiration behind this thoughtfully designed collection. Each piece of furniture and accessory in the broad assortment serves a specific function for keeping designated work areas orderly and efficient and essential items conveniently within reach.' 

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This range has some standout pieces – especially when it comes to comfortable-yet-stylish desk chairs. You'll even find an on-trend boucle swivel chair in the collection for less than $200

However, there's one piece of furniture that really caught my eye, and it's something I'd never considered having in a modern home office before: a printer trolley. It's a piece of furniture that's probably not quite as necessary in the age of wireless printing (if you even own a printer at all), but finding a way to make a printer look good in a home office, while remaining practical, isn't always easy – yet Martha's take on it is surprisingly chic. 

a pritner trolley in a modern home office

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Hiding a printer away is all well and good until you need to use it. Having to pull out a printer, plug it into an electrical socket and make sure it's loaded with paper can be such an ordeal that you might just not end up using it. And you just know that when you really do need it to print out something important, your neglected printer's ink cartridges will have dried up. 

There are a few solutions that are, admittedly, a bit more practical than a printer trolley, but they largely revolve around expensive built-in furniture. The printer trolley is a great choice if you have the room in your home office for it because it's so flexible. When not in use, it can be tucked out of the way, and when you need it, it can be really close at hand. 

And let's not forget that this one actually looks good, too. With a walnut-effect finish and brass frame, Martha Stewart's printer trolley looks as good as an expensive bar cart (in fact, you might want to double it up as one when you have guests over). 

Martha Stewart's home office collection is available from retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Wayfair, and Staples. Here are some of my favorite picks. 

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