Harrods Christmas Baubles Get A Punk Rock Make-Over

Grab your eyeliner and don some leather while you deck your tree because Harrods has come over all rock ’n’ roll / punk princess on us.

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP On the twigs: Black spiky bauble, £12; pink lips decoration, £8; pink stars bauble, £12; Tinker Tailor bronze star skull decoration, £20; glitter stud bauble, £12; geometric jewel bauble, £12; red jewel lips decoration £48; and Tinker Tailor red sequin lips decoration, £20 on the table: ceramic spike tea-light holder, £70; Jan Constantine sequin Bowie-boot cushion, £99; pink zigzag bauble, from £22; and Bougies La Française French-bulldog candle, £24 (harrods.com)

Gone are the days when paper snowflakes, scraps of tinsel and handed-down baubles were brought down in a cardboard box from the attic. A far cry from the papier-mâché baby Jesuses from our childhood days, today’s novelty baubles cover every subject from donuts and unicorns to robots and even plates of sushi.

Now Harrods has introduced six new ranges to the mix, covering Town & Country, Jet Set, Femme Fatale, Tudor Rose, Kids and Punk Princess. This last range is their edgy and glamorous rock ‘n’ roll take on Christmas, featuring a host of playful and contemporary decorations including studded skulls, spiky baubles, electric guitars and glitter lips.

Our highlights? Gene Simmons-inspired skull decorations by Tinker Tailor and Jan Constantine’s sequin Bowie-boot cushion.

You won’t be leaving these to get dusty in the attic any time soon…

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