something to Pour over: the best Wine Decanters

Pour your Pinot with plenty of panache from one of these clear favourites

Wine was one of man’s first ever inventions (it’s been traced back to 6,000 BC) – which means we’ve had thousands of years of drinking to perfect it. And whether you’re more partial to a glass of white, red or rosé, one thing we all seem to agree on is that wine just tastes better when it’s poured from a decanter.

It’s even been proven by science that transferring wine from the bottle into a decanter can have a tremendous impact on the overall quality of it – and make even the cheaper wines taste palatable.

Even the shape of the decanter can have varying effects on the flavour of the wine. But we feel this is something that needs to be put to the test – in the name of research, of course.

These are the wine decanters that are making quite the… erm… splash.

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