The Dyson Cooling Fan Our Editor Bought Last Month Now Has $170 Off in the Memorial Day Sales

And it's worth the investment. Now is the best time to buy the Dyson Hot + Cool fan that a Livingetc editor swears by

dyson hot + cool fan
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If there's one area I won't hesitate to spend a little money on in my home, it's where it's anything too do with temperature. I'm what you might to refer to as a 'Goldilocks' type — and cannot stand being too hot, or too cold.

With that in mind, the one gadget that I most can't live without in my home is my Dyson Hot and Cold fan. I bought my first one some 6 years ago, and it's been with me through everything from heatwave to arctic storm. Recently, my original Dyson Hot and Cold stopped working (after over half a decade of heavy use mind), and while you can send them off to be refurbished, I thought it was time to invest in a new one. And it's not an impulse purchase by any means.

I invested in the newer Dyson HP07 Purifier Hot + Cool this time around, and at $749, it's on the higher end of what you'll pay for a cooling fan or air purifier. However, in this editor's opinion, it's worth it, and even better, I've found probably the best deal I've seen on Dyson products this Memorial Day with just shy of $170 off the Dyson HP07 Purifier Hot + Cool at Walmart right now.

In my opinion, it's one of the best air purifiers and fans around — here's what you need to know before you buy.

An editor's endorsement

I think it's important to point out, I've bought this particular Dyson cooling fan twice with my own money — that's how much I love it. In winter, when I'm avoiding turning on the heat, or in summer, where I'm air con-less, it's a great gadget for making your indoor temperature more comfortable. These fans don't cool like an air conditioning unit, but they do "multiply" the air like a standard fan, making you, rather than the room, feel cooler. It means, there's not a great deal of use in leaving it on when you're not in the room.

I'm currently in the process of testing a whole lot of cooling fans for Livingetc, and it's taught me a few other lessons about why I'm so enamored with it as a product.

Dyson hot + cool fan

The Dyson HP07 Hot + Cool fan in Editor Hugh's home.

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1. It's bladeless

You might think a bladeless fan is just a fancy design feature, but it's actually a completely different way of operating. These bladeless fans push around a lot more air than a standard fan, making it feel more powerful.

2. It's easy maintenance

After any time of not using a traditional fan, dust can settle on its blades, meaning you either need to blow it back out into your space, or dismantle the enclosing cage to clean the blades. This one just needs an external wipe down to keep it dust-free.

3. They're quieter

On its maximum setting, I won't say the Dyson Hot and Cold is silent, but it's distinctly quieter than bladed fans. Bladed fans cause something called 'buffeting' - that choppy noise you hear when the blades are rotating, and something you avoid with a fan like this.

4. They're more energy efficient

These fans run at 65W maximum which, according to Dyson, make them 95% more efficient than portable air conditioner units.

5. You can use it alongside your aircon

Here's an easy hack. Most air con units, especially in window ones, don't have super powerful fans, so combining this with your AC can really help push cold air further around your home.

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