Instantly Make Your Lights Dimmable With No Wiring Required — A $20 Hack for Perfect Ambience in Seconds

These smart and stylish plug-in dimmable lights are affordable, look sleek, and are available on Amazon — honestly, what's not to like?

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If there is anything we here at Livingetc love more than trendy and versatile lighting options, it's automatic trendy and versatile lighting options. Especially in an apartment, where renters aren't responsible for hardwiring the electricity in their unit, it feels like such a treat to find an easy solution to a common pain point — turning on and off the lights.

There are some solutions available on some of the best home decor brands, but by and large, you're more likely to find a helpful gadget on Amazon, a great home decor site but also a fabulous outlet for innovative gizmos. And as it usually does, the site has delivered;  read on for ultimate handiness.

The Amazon lighting buy you need for a vibey living room

If you've been looking for living room lighting with a mind of its own (read: lighting that knows when to turn on and off), this fabulous plug-in night light shared above by Jen Adams (@interiordesignella), is the ideal automatic solution for you. 

Its sleek, minimalist design, its thoughtful tech ... how could this thing not sweep you off your feet? Not only is it something we'd display in our homes proudly, but it also has dusk/dawn sensors that trigger the on/off switch; on at dusk, off at dawn. No more worrying if you left the lights on, no more fumbling in the dark. It's affordable, too; at just $10 a light ($20 for two), you could install these around your whole house in minutes for under $200. Considering the alternative, that's an insane bargain.

Of course, if soft white light isn't for you, you can play around with one of the other available tones, like purple, amber, or blue. You're almost sure to like it, though; it boasts a 4.6/5-star rating out of 2,643 customer ratings.

What we also love about these plug-in lights is how easily they can create mood lighting in your home. Once the sun sets, the harsh lights are gone. In their place is a soft, vibey, and warm atmosphere that fosters relaxation and comfort. 

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