Our Editor Says It's 'The New Coffee Machine' — The Stylish Kit Seen In All The Most Beautiful Kitchens

Treating yourself to a Cuzen Matcha Machine not only adds style points to your counter but also means you can swap your morning coffee and sip like the stars

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I'm a coffee lover. I'm not an aficionado or expert, but I do love it. And it's not even the caffeine for me. Sure, I love the morning energy boost I get from a cup of joe in the morning, but I love the deep, rich taste of my morning brew more. Honestly, at this point, I think my body is conditioned to wake up to the taste of Arabica beans rather than caffeine itself. 

Now, we all know how important the coffee machine is to the coffee and espresso experience. And if you're both a java and design lover, you're probably also pining after one of the best coffee machines, with their sleek silhouettes and expansive bells and whistles. But what if I told you there was a new machine in town, one that celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and Shaun White are swooning over? And what if I said it wasn't for coffee?

Designed by a Tokyo native, the Cuzen Matcha Maker has infiltrated Hollywood as the next big luxury 'coffee' maker. Celebs like Cindy Crawford, Carey Mulligan and more are singing its praises, and while I haven't tried the machine, our editor Pip Rich has, and I'll definitely take his word for it. 

'I love my Cuzen Matcha Maker,' he says. 'Not only does it look sleek on the counter but it also makes such a perfect drink to start the day. I think it's the new coffee machine - the fact that so many celebs are into it too means it's sure to be a rising kitchen trend.' 

Cuzen matcha machine

(Image credit: Cuzen)

The appeal of the Cuzen is rooted in a likely familiar premise: Coffee tastes better when it;s made from freshly-ground coffee beans. The Cuzen brings that same appeal, only with matcha. At the touch of a button the machine produces freshly ground leaves, when are then whisked into high-quality, fresh matcha. Say goodbye to the stonemill and bamboo whisk; the Cuzen is doing it all for you.

'I absolutely love it,' Shaun White told GQ Sports, alluding to the machine. 'Every single day, I make a matcha. It's so simple.' In a kitchen tour she posted back in November, Hailey Bieber described the Cuzen displayed on her counter as a 'really delicious matcha machine.' And in a 2021 interview, supermodel Cindy Crawford said she grinds matcha leaves 'fresh every morning with the Cuzen.'

The machine was designed in a way intended to help consumers appreciate 'Japanese authenticity,' quality, and Zen in a 'simple but bold design,' Eijiro Tsukada, CEO and founder of Cuzen Matcha, told me. Its metal tube is 'inspired by tea canisters commonly used in Japan,' while the circular space in its center is inspired by the 'circular window seen in traditional tea rooms.' Even more amazingly, the center space also represents the state of Cu, or the 'coexistence of nothing and being, an important concept taught in Zen,' Eijiro continued.

As a beverage, matcha has lots of potential health benefits. It's made from Camellia Sinensis, the same plant as white and green teas, among others, and is rich in antioxidants. It's thought to have cancer-fighting effects that may also spur weight loss and improve overall skin health, and it could even have a hand in improving overall cardiovascular health.

Among its tea counterparts, 'matcha is unique because drinking it means ingesting the entire leaf,' Eijiro said. It also contains 'higher levels of L-theanine, a relaxing agent,' and is rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber, 'which helps with detoxification and gut health.'

Have I convinced you yet? If the stylish machine and celebrity fans weren't enough, the health properties of matcha may have just sealed the deal. 

Now if freshly ground matcha doesn't sound like enough for you on its own, I've taken the liberty of compiling a stunning matcha accessory edit as well, so that you're ready to sip in style once your Cuzen arrives. 

9 accessories for the perfect matcha experience

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