12 ideas to cozy up your patio that will mean you can keep using it well into fall

Create a cocooning outdoor space to unwind in this fall with these brilliant purchases

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As the seasons change and our thoughts turn toward the cooler months ahead, the outdoor spaces where we've spent much of the summer must evolve to reflect the turn of the seasons. Embrace fall and ramp up the cozy factor to encourage you to use your backyard space for as long as possible

To bring fall to our backyards, it's about switching up the decor and furniture, swapping out light and airy linens for fluffier warmer cushions and materials, altering the lighting to accommodate the change in daylight hours, and keeping things cozy with heat. To help you shop for your cozy fall patio, here are some of my favorite backyard buys.

Best patio rugs

Best patio cushions

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How to create a cozy outdoor space

When it comes to creating that cozy patio feel, there are certain elements you need to focus on. As with your interiors, it all comes down to lighting, texture for coziness, and colorways. 

Keep your palette autumnal with colors that remind you of the season and mimic the surrounding nature. Opt for browns, oranges and neutral tones and layer fabrics to give your patio an indulgent feel., 

'We recreated a cozy outdoor patio area with key furniture - a sofa, armchair, a rug, and a floor lamp bring warmth to the space,' says Caroline Savin, co-founder of Bloomint Design who designed the below patio. 'It is the perfect corner to admire the mountain and watch the sunset.

'The mattresses and made-to-measure colored cushions give the space a lively and vibrant atmosphere.'

Lighting is crucial too with less daylight hours come the autumn months. 'Lighting is essential for your backyard patio,' says Kat Aul Cervoni, founder and principal of landscape design firm, NYC-based Staghorn. 'Not only does it make it more functional after sunset, but it also adds a warm, inviting feeling to the space.'

'My favorite lights include overhead cafe string lights - which are inexpensive and easy to install - Lanterns with solar-powered lights or waterproof LED candles inside, and low voltage uplights which can be nested into both in-ground and container plants for a bit of ambient light and shadow-play.'

Finally, a smattering of throw pillows and cushions where applicable are a must for creating a cozy outdoor space. 'Luckily, it's easy to find durable pillows and cushions in outdoor-friendly fabric (like Sunbrella or Perennials) in a full spectrum of colors. Throw pillows can be a fun way to add in pops of color, especially for shadier spaces.'

A cozy designed patio

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