This $20 Designer Trick Transforms Small Spaces in Seconds — "It Adds That Perfect Touch of Intrigue"

Interior Designer Haley Weidenbaum stopped by to tell us what she's into right now — and her answer would prove a great way to elevate your window treatments in a flash

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When trying new products and designs in your home, it can feel somewhat soothing to know you have the endorsement of a peer, colleague, or coworker who has tried said product first. I know I've saved myself from plenty of mistakes, interiors-related and otherwise, by taking into account the trusted recommendations of friends and family (or that of a dedicated publication — shameless plug for Livingetc!).

In other words, when shopping at the best home decor stores, an informed opinion can go a long way. That's why I love sharing recommended buys from designers and brand experts who are in the market for the same things you are. They have to buy couches, too — so you might as well hear a bit about the ones they're gravitating toward.

To that end, I spoke with Haley Weidenbaum, an interior designer and founder of custom window treatment company Everhem, about what she's been loving lately. If you're in the market for new curtains or window accessories, you're going to want to hear what she has to say.

What designer Haley Weidenbaum is loving lately

"Recently, I've been incorporating lively patterns into shades and cafe curtains for my smaller windows," Haley told me, when asked what design trends and products she's been into. "It's a clever move — sometimes going bold with patterns on larger drapes or shades can feel a bit too much."

But on "smaller windows," she said, "it adds that perfect touch of intrigue without going overboard."

Cafe curtains aren't just for window treatments, either; use them to hide unsavory bits in your kitchen or laundry room, like storage bins or cleaning products. Just set up a small tension rod and you're good to go. For a clean, minimal look, stick with a crisp white curtain, with, at most, a bit of piping around the edges. But if you'd like to experiment with something more in line with Haley's vision, you have carte blanche to play with bright colors, crazy patterns, and more. 

I love a funky print, so I had a ton of fun sourcing a collection of cafe curtains that match the vibe of Haley's advice. If you're ready to experiment with your window treatments, buckle up and prepare to shop below.

Shop cafe curtains inspired by Haley's recommendations

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