I Tried This $13 "Pineapple Bulb" Hack and It Seriously Elevated My Bathroom

It's a lighting makeover with instant gratification — you have to try this to turn boring fixtures into something more exciting

Chic Amazon light bulb
(Image credit: Amazon)

One of the three vanity light bulbs in my bathroom went out recently, a minor annoyance that I knew I would address — eventually. It remained unlit, spookily flickering every few days for, well — an embarrassingly long time. Admittedly, it wasn’t until the second bulb went out and I attempted to do my makeup in 67% darkness that I finally made any effort to change them.

Sure, I had regular LED bulbs on hand, but how boring, I thought. So, I turned to Amazon. After 30 minutes of sifting through tacky rainbow lighting, I came across a real gem: a vintage-inspired light bulb from Amazon with an almost crystalline effect, emitting a warm white light, all for $12.99 a bulb.

I unscrewed my old, mostly dead lights and screwed in my new ones, which took maybe 45 seconds. Then I flipped on the switch, and voilà! These Amazon pineapple light bulbs transformed my bathroom lighting into an elegant, ambient space, making it feel as if the entire room were aglow with candles.

Chic Amazon Light Bulb

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chic Amazon light bulb

(Image credit: Julia Demer)

I knew lighting made a difference, but I couldn’t have anticipated such a dramatic transformation. And if you don’t believe me, believe the reviews: 4.5/5 stars from over 241 reviews on Amazon. The bulbs matched my dimmer perfectly, which is great because I probably adjust mine four times a day. The Amazon description refers to them as 'pineapple' shaped — not untrue per se, but it certainly doesn’t do this graceful design any justice.

Consider placing a trio in a bathroom vanity like mine, or even to reinvent light fixtures you already own. I saw a particularly inspiring image in the product’s customer reviews of this bulb in a relatively simple sconce setting, turning the bulb into the main event. Given their softer glow compared to your usual LED, these would also be great for hallways you might walk through at night or a TV room you use before bed. Anywhere conducive to setting the mood and a little R&R.

I rent my apartment, so there’s not much I can do in terms of renovations, but I think this might just be the next best thing. Minimal effort for maximum impact — now that’s my kind of hack.

chic Amazon light bulb

(Image credit: Julia Demer)

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This whole experience got me thinking: why settle for a standard light bulb when, for just a few dollars more, you can have one that’s far more elegant? Here are more of my favorite bulbs that do so much with so little.

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