Meet "Butter Yellow" — The Soft, Sunny Hue That's Dominating Runways and Interiors

This beautiful shade of yellow is making waves in every of style — and our shopping editor has found the best ways to bring it into your home

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By now you've probably seen the headlines: Butter Yellow is the shade of the summer, especially after dominating the red carpet at Cannes (Joey King, I'm looking at you). Indeed, Nylon Magazine has called it the 'season's most surprising neutral' — but does that claim extend to interiors? I'm betting yes.

'2024's color trends all look towards a grown-up take on bright, bold colors,' says Becca Stern, Co-founder and Creative Director of Mustard Made. 'We’re seeing rich, decadent palettes, with evolved color combinations that express confidence and flair.' Through this lens, butter yellow 'is the ultimate new neutral,' she continues. 'Its versatility allows it to seamlessly transition between fashion and interior design, making it a popular choice for both runways and home decor.'

Its appeal lies in its extremely specific tone, which 'exudes warmth and sophistication,' Becca explains. 'Creamier than lemon and duskier than custard, Butter offers a perfect pastel option that feels fresh and inviting,' as well as calm and sophisticated — almost European in a sense. It's a color that 'quietly commands attention, adding warmth and elegance to any space,' while still proving versatile enough to complement most design schemes.

Sound enticing? That's because it is. Below, I've highlighted a few stylish butter-yellow home decor and furniture pieces that caught my eye, all of which are as trendy and versatile as Becca described. Let's blend fashion and interiors, shall we?

The butter yellow decor edit

How should you style butter yellow?

In Becca Stern's opinion, butter yellow goes just as well with 'cozy pastels' and it does with an 'unexpected pop of red' (which just so happens to be another color theory we love). 'Pair it with soft shades of blue for a coastal look, bright reds for a pop of color, or shades of Mustard for a sunny, golden power couple,' she continues. 'Chunky stripes are having a moment so play with pattern on a big scale with bold, painted striped walls or upholstery.'

As well as choosing the right colors to go with yellow, Becca says she loves the idea of 'color drenching a room in butter yellow,' a.k.a coating the full room in one color. The shade 'can work really well to inject a confident splash of color while keeping the space sleek and streamlined since there aren't too many competing elements.'

'As a modernist,' adds interior Darlene Molnar, 'I would use butter yellow in a totally unexpected way, like combined with a crisp white to create a checkered tile floor.'

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