Run, don’t walk - Brooklinen’s towels are now 20% off, including their super plush styles with thousands of 5 star reviews

This is your chance to snag some of the best bathroom towels we've found at a brilliant discount

An edit of Brooklinen's best bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths - all currently 20% off.
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Have you ever eagerly unwrapped a new towel, only to be disappointed by its lackluster performance, with pilling clinging uncomfortably to your post-shower skin? The haunting memory of that experience lingers. And don't even get me started on towels unraveling prematurely; it's an absolute nightmare.

Towels play a crucial role in our daily routines, whether we're cleaning our hands, refreshing our faces, or indulging in a comforting post-shower ritual. For a touch of everyday luxury, Brooklinen is one of our top picks. If you've gotten hands on with their plush towels before, you'll know they're designed for maximum absorbency, and think they have the power to transform your daily routine. And you love them, too. Brooklinen's SuperPlush towels have an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon and Brooklinen's own site, after all, with thousands of 5 star reviews. 

With the holiday season around the corner, consider this your early gift to elevate your everyday experiences. These are the best Brooklinen picks from their tower offering, all available at a handsome 20% discount as part of Brooklinen's Black Friday offerings.

Best bath towels from Brooklinen

Best hand towels from Brooklinen

Best washcloths from Brooklinen

How should I wash Brooklinen towels?

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Taking good care of your Brooklinen towels is essential for maintaining their quality. While specific care instructions may vary depending on the type of towel, there are some general tips to keep in mind.

Firstly, resist the urge to pull on snags or loose threads — opt for scissors to trim them instead. Additionally, avoid using fabric softener or conditioner, as these can diminish the towels' absorbency over time. It's crucial to steer clear of products containing benzoyl peroxide, as they have the potential to cause permanent stains. 

For more detailed and specific information tailored to your towels, refer to Brooklinen's care guide. Taking these steps will help ensure that your Brooklinen towels remain soft, absorbent, and in excellent condition for a long time.

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