The 9 pink velvet couches that prove this sofa color has gone from trendy to timeless

A pink velvet couch is an irresistible furniture addition that can make your living room more sumptuous. Here are 9 of my favorites on the market now

A velvet pink couch
(Image credit: Pernille Loof. Design: Rafael de Cárdenas)
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A pink modular sofa

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There is something utterly inviting about a pink velvet couch, adding sumptuousness to any room in the home. Elegant, playful and soothing, a pink shade of any hue marries with velvet's soft qualities, bringing coziness to a room. 

From soft minimalist schemes where you're looking to add a touch of warmth, to neutral living rooms where you want to use pink as a neutral foundation, pink velvet is a luxurious addition. 

It's also a surprisingly durable fabric that can withstand the rigors of family life. I've scoured the web and found 9 pink velvet couches that will look perfect among all types of living room furniture.

Classic pink velvet couches

L-shape pink velvet couches

Curved pink velvet couches

Why are pink velvet couches so popular?

Velvet sofas have been going strong for many years. Durable, effortless and adding softness to your living room, velvet is a great fabric option that works as both a staple in the family home, and in a more modern, formal setting. Velvet's popularity that is showing no sign of abating. 

Often dismissed for childlike associations, interior designer, architect and founder of global practice, Natalia Miyar is a big believer in the power of pink, seeing it as a surprisingly sophisticated yet playful statement for any occasion. 'There are a huge variety of pink tones to choose from,' says Natalia. 'The key is using a shade that does not have an affiliation with a particular style but stands out for being different. A key element of using pink elegantly is to consider the tone of the space - what materials, furniture and accessories are going to best complement pink in your scheme. If you are aiming for elegance, you need to get all these components right to create desired atmosphere in your room,' says Natalia.

Of all the hues available in velvet, pink is the shade that marries best with velvet. From soft blush pinks to more vivid tones, pink of all shades works well with velvet's inherent softness to bring a cozy and relaxed feel.

Oonagh Turner
Oonagh Turner

Oonagh is an experienced content editor, which basically means she's a professional window shopper with overflowing virtual baskets. For this story, she's scoured the web to find 9 perfect velvet pink couches that would slot beautifully into your home.

Oonagh Turner
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