Cook Smart: 8 of the Best Kitchen Gadgets

Gadgets for the clever, convenience-focused cook.

Short on time? Want to eat more healthily? There’s a new generation of smart kitchen gadgets designed to suit modern life.

It’s no longer enough just to make your own smoothies, now it’s possible to calculate the nutritional value of the bananas and berries or cucumber, carrots and ginger in said smoothies. So you can max out on the Vits without a supplement in sight.

If making your own soup seems like a faff too far, then get on board with a soup maker. Fill this nifty gadget with chopped veggies, a stock cube and some water, choose your setting (from chunky to smooth) and voila, twenty minutes later, freshly cooked hot soup (enough for 4 people). What’s not to like about that?

There’s a Smart herb garden, inspired by NASA technology, that will keep your basil in tip top condition with minimal maintenance. Or a kettle with a hot control to keep water at boiling point for twenty minutes (in case you want to top the tea pot up).

What about a smart sous vide for the Heston fans amongst us or a clever air fryer that cooks chips to perfection with far less fat than traditional methods?

If following a recipe from a book is too old school for you, opt for a display screen that will link to Google Assistant. Not only will it recommend popular recipes, it will read out step-by-step instructions with visual aids. Kind of like having your own cooking tutor in the kitchen with you.

And if you’re short on certain ingredients, there’s even a set of scales that can weigh what you do have and recalculate recipes accordingly.

Smart stuff, eh?

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