Find a home for your prized possessions..

There’s something of a Victorian explorer vibe with a curiosity cabinet that gives them a propensity to house odd little finds nabbed by global wanderers. But even if scientific discoveries aren’t your forte, there is plenty that they can be filled with, that will add character and interest to your home. It goes without saying that displaying whatever is dear to you will instantly personalise your space.

From treasured family heirlooms and favourite photographs, to whimsical pieces picked up at antique shops or car boot fairs – and tableware that’s too good to hide away in a dark cupboard, a glass cabinet offers a great chance to curate your or your family’s belongings – and have things that ‘spark joy’ on show.

A curiosity cabinet can also protect items from sunlight and dust.

We’ve rounded up seven glass-fronted cabinets that we’re currently coveting. They range in styles, colours and sizes, so are suited to a number of different interior schemes.

The gorgeous Joyce cabinet by Pinch Design, barely needs anything in it to pack a style punch, while at the other end of the budget scale, Ikea’s Milsbo with its simple white doors and glass panels, is so discreet it will let your possessions speak for themselves.

We’re loving the antiqued metal Pharmacy cabinet at Out There Interiors for its industrial edge and the Darcey from M&S for its timeless design. There’s a more traditional feel with the Teramo cabinet from Ercol – and the Colton at Habitat and the Vitrina at Heal’s both have elegant timber frames that are offset with stark interiors to show off your treasures to the fullest.

Invest in the best for your room scheme. Then select your favourite pieces, or the stuff that you use – or want to use – every day, and arrange as you see fit. Once on display, they will be accessible and easily enjoyed on a daily basis.


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