eufy Security Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Dual review: get a top to toe view of your doorstep

We review the eufy Security Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Dual, which fits unobtrusively into a modern porch

Eufy Video Doorbell Dual
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Livingetc Verdict

The eufy Video Doorbell Dual surpassed our expectations with its ease of use, lack of features hidden behind a paywall, and frankly astonishing viewing angles. With this doorbell, you won't miss anything happening outside your door, and you'll have access to footage without a subscription.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Multiple camera views

  • +

    No subscription required

  • +

    Delivery guard & facial recognition

  • +

    Works with both Alexa and Google Assistant

  • +

    Local storage

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Requires additional Homebase (included with our product)

Livingetc knows design. We spend hours testing and comparing the latest products, bringing only our edit of the very best to you. Find out more about how we review.

Whether you simply want a more clever doorbell or you're looking for some extra security for your front door, smart video doorbells can solve many problems. The eufy Security Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Dual wants to solve an issue you may not even know you had, adding an extra camera that gives a clear view of the floor where your latest delivery may have been left.

This theoretically protects against so-called porch pirates, but this showy feature might actually be taking the shine away from some of the eufy Dual's equally impressive features. For example, unlike some of the other best wireless doorbells we have tested, eufy uses local storage rather than uploading footage to the cloud, includes a device that can be used as a chime, and works with both Alexa and Google Assistant.

We tested the doorbell to see if it could live up to the promise, installing it on our front door and waiting for one of our many packages to set off the device's package detection. Keep reading to see what we thought.

eufy Video Doorbell Dual: Key specs

Livingetc knows design. We spend hours testing and comparing the latest products, bringing only our edit of the very best to you. Find out more about how we review.

  • Power: Battery or wired
  • Resolution: 2K / Full HD
  • Field of view: 160-degrees / 97-degrees
  • Estimated battery life: 6 months
  • Storage: Local
  • Works with: Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Dimensions: H1.2 x W2.1 x D6.5in
  • Weight: 0.77lbs

Eufy Video Doorbell Dual

(Image credit: Future)

eufy Video Doorbell Dual: Design

For a device sporting two cameras and an impressive battery, the eufy Video Doorbell Dual is pretty svelte, and attention has been paid to making it look as stylish as possible. The black body is similar to other eufy models and looks better than Ring's offerings (in our opinion). However, the rose gold rings around the camera lenses are new and significantly improve the appearance of something that will essentially be the first thing guests and visitors see of your home.

When the camera detects motion, the doorbell's button will illuminate blue (pictured) to notify that the person outside is being watched/recorded.

The eufy Homebase is nice and simple with a white body and small blue light on the front to signal it is working. It's smaller than you might expect, but you'll still need to find a convenient place for it as there's no mounting option. You'll also need to connect it to the router via ethernet cable, which restricted us to keeping it in the bedroom. 

eufy Video Doorbell Dual: Set-up

eufy has covered all its bases with the contents of its box, with two mounting brackets, US and UK plugs, wiring extensions, an ethernet cable, screws, security stickers, and the Homebase, to name just some of the things we found (you can view the entire contents below).

Though the setup process is very simple overall, there are a few more steps than usual because of the Homebase. You need to get this working by plugging it in and ensuring it's connected to your router with the ethernet cable provided. The red light will turn blue when it's ready. Then download the eufy Security app and - after registering - add the Homebase to your account with the QR code on the base.

Then you're ready to set up the doorbell itself. This is done in much the same way by scanning a QR code and adding it to your app's roster of devices. Screw the mounting plate onto your chosen surface (or use strong 3M tape or similar if you can't make holes) and click the doorbell into place.

The mount makes removing the device for recharging easier, which is helpful since the battery is not removable.

Eufy Video Doorbell Dual

(Image credit: Future)

eufy Video Doorbell Dual: Performance

What's immediately striking about the eufy Video Doorbell Dual is, somewhat expectedly, the dual camera view in the app. However, going a few steps further than showing a square image to get a slightly better view, eufy's offering shows you the entire floor. This makes it much easier for the doorbell to recognize packages and notice when someone may have taken them. 

As you can see from the image below, the camera captured everything from ceiling to doorstep, giving quite a broad view. Because of this, we could monitor the activity of anyone who came in the vicinity of our front door (though, of course, we would never suspect our neighbors of being up to no good!) and see exactly what couriers had brought without even getting up from our chair.

You can either use 2-way communication to speak with the person outside or set off a quick response such as 'just leave it there' or 'we'll be right with you.'

Schedules and modes

There are a variety of chimes to choose from if you want to use the Homebase this way, or you can simply rely on push notifications on your mobile device. We opted to use both, as we don't always have our phone with us around the house. You can also customize alerts in home and away modes.

You can set modes in a couple of different ways. Geofencing will probably be best if you don't stick to an everyday routine, as you can set your doorbell to switch to 'away' when you're physically away from home. Alternatively, you can manually set a schedule or go into the app and set yourself to 'home' or 'away.'

There is other automation if you have other eufy devices around the home, such as motion detection or the best smart locks.

Detection and footage

As with most video doorbells, you will have to choose between battery life and sensitivity, as the more you ask the doorbell to do, the faster it will need recharging. But it's capable of doing quite a lot, so we would recommend having a play with the various settings before settling on anything.

The eufy Video Doorbell Dual can tell the difference between people, packages, and animals, giving you a custom alert each time. A short snippet of that activity is recorded and stored on the eufy Homebase, which means there are no charges for cloud storage, and - according to eufy - your footage is less likely to be stolen via a data security breach. 

Smart speaker integration

The eufy Video Doorbell Dual works to some extent with both Alexa and Google Assistant speakers or displays, but you'll want one of the best Alexa speakers if you want your assistant to double as a chime. This isn't possible with Google's equivalent devices, but you can use your Chromecast to get a live feed of your front porch. 

Eufy Video Doorbell Dual

(Image credit: Future)

eufy Video Doorbell Dual: Our verdict

We loved our time with the eufy Video Doorbell Dual and were seriously impressed with how much more it was capable of showing than other smart doorbells. The dual cameras work well with the app's smart user interface, making it easy to see absolutely everything. This is good for security and convenience, and we love that advanced features have no hidden costs. You can also use the Homebase to expand your system with additional eufy cameras and devices.

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