We asked: what interior design decision do you regret making in your home? And your answers were eye-opening

We love using Threads to get our followers’ thoughts on everything interiors, and this time many of your answers pointed in the direction of this one mistake

black kitchen with wooden island
(Image credit: Michael Del Piero)

We’ve all been there, getting excited about the new ideas and looks, only to soon discover that some of them either become dated too quickly, or they're not very practical. While small styling elements can be easily changed, sometimes there’s that one big design decision we make that is just too complicated to undo. 

So because interior design trends come and go fast, we asked our community on Threads what interior design decision they regret making and we could definitely relate to a lot of the answers. Read and learn from others’ mistakes and make note of what trend is best to avoid in your own home. 

1. Impractical colors  

black freestanding kitchen with large task llight

(Image credit: VIPP)

We totally see the appeal of dark color schemes. They look smart, elegant, and expensive. However, it turns out that while a very popular trend, dark colors are not always the most practical choice. 

The kitchen was the main area of the home discussed on Threads with most of you being in agreement that dark cabinets or black kitchen countertop ideas were not always the best choice in terms of ease of use and maintenance.

‘Black granite top in kitchen and on the kitchen island! Big mistake…. Any little stain or dirt shows in the worse way possible,’ Little Tudor Diary tells us. 

2. Handle-less kitchen cabinets

Modern kitchen design by Dries De Malsche

(Image credit: Dries De Malsche. Photo credit: Piet-Albert Goethals)

Black gloss kitchens also seem to be out of favor with fingerprints so easily visible. Plank Hardware commented about ‘handle-less kitchen cabinets’ as an absolute no, for the same reason of leaving finger marks everywhere. 

Instead, we like the kitchen hardware trend for organic brass pulls, that catch the light and look super-interesting. Anthropologie sells this perfect example.

3. Black wood panelling

gloss black panelling in a black bathroom

(Image credit: Paint & Paper Library)

When it comes to wall paneling you told us that painting paneling in black, while it might look good, shows dust very quickly. That’s one sure way to completely cancel the elevated look one might have been aiming to achieve by using dark paint.

Got it. Dark surfaces and no handles are definitely ideas to avoid in modern homes that need to look good but also be easily kept clean. The home today should be synonymous with comfort. Having areas or elements of your house that you need to constantly clean, or you can’t touch because they easily mark is the opposite of comfort.

The expert’s opinion on a practical, comfortable home 

Martyn Lawrence Bullard shared his thoughts with us on having a home that is comfortable, with rooms that are suitable for multi-use and can take the wear and tear of everyday life. ‘Bygone are the days when we had these stiff drawing rooms and formal dining rooms. Today, it's much more about creating a flow and creating a space that is your own. That is inviting. That becomes your personal sanctuary and becomes a place where your friends and family come and feel the most comfortable and most welcome.’

Ultimately it’s about making sure that whatever design decision you make, you can feel at ease using your home without the fear of having to permanently clean it, or be careful not to damage it. A home is meant to be lived in and enjoyed, and that is what modern living is all about. 

Raluca Racasan
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Raluca is Digital News Writer for Livingetc.com and passionate about all things interior and living beautifully. Coming from a background writing and styling shoots for fashion magazines such as Marie Claire Raluca’s love for design started at a very young age when her family’s favourite weekend activity was moving the furniture around the house ‘for fun’. Always happiest in creative environments in her spare time she loves designing mindful spaces and doing colour consultations. She finds the best inspiration in art, nature, and the way we live, and thinks that a home should serve our mental and emotional wellbeing as well as our lifestyle.