Blank Wall Space? Try This Viral Trick to Display Fresh Cut Flowers in an Empty Space

Create a living wall of flowers inside your home with these fluted planters

A set of white fluted wall vases in a living room
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When it comes to wall space, there's only so much you can do. Either you hang up a curated collection of framed art or a couple of contemporary prints, but what can you do for smaller wall spaces that require a decorative touch?

We found the perfect ornamental touch to give your walls a spruce while also injecting your space with a fresh floral vibe. This is one of the simplest ways to dress up your blank walls and it's right on brand for the season. It's summery, stunning and even the experts have only good things to say about it. So if you've been wondering what to put on your living room walls, this mounted accessory will do just the trick.

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Mounted vases for summery floral features

A wall featuring a pair of flower vases

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As seen in the trendy Instagram video above courtesy of Jen Rothbury (@crack_the_shutters), she remedied her dead wall space by using a pair of chic stone planters to decorate her wall. After measuring her wall and hammering in a couple of nails so that they are perfectly lining the middle of the wall, she hangs her vases up in a row. After filling her vases with water, she arranges some freshly cut flowers from her garden for a couple of mini wall-bound bouquets that add an unexpected pop of color to the room.

Interiors expert Pam Hutter tells us that the trend of decorative wall-mounted vases is both aesthetically captivating and functional. 'This feature offers a dynamic way to introduce natural elements into a home, enhancing both the visual appeal and the indoor air quality,' says Pam. 'Given my experience with projects that emphasize sustainability and thoughtful design, I believe wall-mounted vases can be an excellent addition to several types of rooms within a home.'

Pam suggests incorporating these wall vases in living rooms and dining rooms for a striking floral focal point that creates a sense of freshness. She points out that these wall-bound floral arrangements are especially ideal for small living rooms, as the vertical arrangement maximizes space usage without cluttering the floor and countertop area.

A wall featuring a flower vase

(Image credit: Jen Rothbury)

Pam also recommends mounting flower vases with moisture-loving plants such as ferns or orchids as the perfect finishing touch to a spa bathroom. 'These vases are great for compact spaces as they can replace bulkier plant setups, providing greenery in a more space-efficient manner,' says Pam.

These fluted planters offer a wall-mounted decorative touch that roots your home and gives it a green touch. We think that swapping the flowers out to match what's in season will spark a bit of joy while also gifting your home a hint of floral beauty. You can pick flowers that match the colors of your room or even arrange blooms that are known for their tantalizing scents - the opportunities are endless.

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