These $13 Viral Fridge Organizers Promise an Aesthetic Kitchen of Your Dreams — "It's Psychologically Uplifting"

If you're on the fridge organization side of TikTok, you might have what I like to call 'fridge envy.' Solve that problem with this edit of organizers, all on sale for Presidents' Day

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So, I've made a mistake — I ended up on the aesthetic fridge organization side of TikTok. I am now spending an indeterminable amount of time watching disembodied hands stock what become plentiful and beautiful fridges full of colorful cans, vibrant berries, and fresh vegetables, all of which are stored expertly in crisp, clear containers and organizers that simplify and stack. The whole process is mesmerizing, but so is the final product: a stunning icebox where everything has a purpose and a place. As a girl living with roommates in NYC, it couldn't sound more appealing.

But now that the Presidents' Day sales are officially live, I've decided to try and give you, dear reader, what I can't have. I want you to have that gorgeous, Pinterest or TikTok-worthy fridge, and I want you to have that at a discount. It's truly the trending look!

'As an interior designer and decorator with a passion for organization, I can attest that the popularity of a Tik-Tok Pinterest fridge organization trend goes beyond mere aesthetics,' said Courtney Cole, an interior designer at TileCloud. 'It's about creating a functional space that encourages healthy eating habits and minimizes food waste.' An organized fridge is 'psychologically uplifting,' and makes the kitchen a 'more inviting space.' Plus, a nicely-arranged cooler 'can save time and stress during meal prep. Using [clear containers] also makes the healthy options more visible,' and 'often results in better eating choices.'

So what do you say? Ready to dive into the Presidents' Day sales from a fridge organization POV? You might not have thought you'd go here today, but you're going to love it now that we've arrived. Let's see what I've found!

Fridge organizers on sale now

What fridge organizers would you suggest to achieve that 'TikTok' or 'Pinterest' fridge look? 

According to Courtney, using 'clear, stackable bins' and labels for that social media look. 'Not only do they offer a sleek and cohesive look, but they also make it easier to find what you need and keep track of your groceries,' she said. 'Drawer dividers for fruits and veggies, along with egg holders and drink dispensers, also help keep everything organized while making sure every item has a designated spot.'

What organizational practices or habits could achieve that same look?

Organization is rooted in routines. 'Get in the habit of putting groceries away with a first-in, first-out policy to keep things fresh,' Courtney continued. It's 'also important to group similar items together — it makes it so much easier and faster at meal prep times. Regularly decluttering and cleaning your fridge is also important both to stay on top of it and to keep that 'fresh from Pinterest' look.'

Also, try prepping and storing food in those clear containers as soon as you're back from the store. 'It helps with the aesthetics, but more importantly, with portion control and [food waste].'

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