This Viral "Dust Trapper" Might Just be the Best Way to Keep Your Home Clean During a Remodel

Home renovations are often anything but tranquil, but these simple but effective products can help you protect your space and your sanity!

a zipwall dust barrier system
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If you've ever had walls knocked down, drywall cut out or any sort of millwork adding into your home, you'll know just how much dust this sort of project can kick up. And if you're not able to effectively create a dust barrier in these spaces - more often that not thanks to an open plan layout - it can be a real nightmare when it comes to clearing up after the job is done.

'It's something that happened when we took out a wall when remodeling a kitchen' says DIY blogger and interior stylist Luke Arthur Wells. 'The dust just got everywhere, and we were finding it even in the upstairs room despite our best efforts to keep it contained.'

So what's the solution? Well I spotted this "dust-proof" system on my Instagram recently, and I think it might just be the answer we've all been looking for.

How can I keep dust at bay during a remodel?

This simple but effective product is a great way to protect your space and is perfect solution for jobsite containment when remodelling, renovating or restoring your home. It's easy to install too and only takes a few minutes to set up, which is a huge plus when you might find yourself pushed for time before the builders arrive! The ZipWall Dust Barrier System combines flexibility with practicality, is reusable, works with drop-ceilings and comes packed in a handy carry bag, meaning it's portable too. The best part is it doesn't use any tape, so it won't damage your home either. And, there are plenty of size and height options to choose from, meaning the dust barrier can be installed in pretty much any living space.


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Other picks to keep dust at bay

Another great option to go for is a plastic door dust protection kit, which seals with a zip for easy access into the construction site. These will not only save you a lot of cleaning work, but also the hassle of worrying about your soft furnishings by isolating dust in the renovation area. Since these are made of plastic, they still allow plenty of natural light through, reducing disruption to your home.

Self-adhering dust cling sheets also work really well to keep dust out of the air, which can be harmful to breathe. They work by attracting dust particles with static, which means they can simply be thrown away and replaced as needed. They also don't require any tape, as the static charged polythene dust sheet will cling vertically or horizontally to almost any surface, and can be repositioned over and over again!

Buying a simple air filter can also help to eliminate household dust by filtering out the particles, deeply and thoroughly cleaning the air in your home. Most air purifiers are very effective at removing as much as 99% of dust within your space, and there are affordable options out there too. Once the construction work ends, you can continue using your air filter for everyday dust and allergens, perfect for if you suffer with hay fever in the warmer months.

It might seem simple (and tedious), but giving your home a quick once over with a vacuum cleaner or duster at the end of each day is also a really great way to stop dust from building up in your space, helping to maintain a cleaner workspace. 

Hopefully these product picks will make the cleaning work easier, and it will all be worth it when the renovations are finished and you can relax in your new home!

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