This "invisible" doorstop is going viral – it's so much more minimalist and it costs less than $30 on Amazon

If you're remodeling your house, this might not be the thing your guests notice first, but it may well be the best $30 you spend

an internal door open in a bedroom
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The broad strokes of your remodel might be what paint the overall picture, but it's those tiny, initially-unnoticed details that really make a home feel special. 

It's the most practical elements that make your beautifully-designed home more functional to use or stand up to wear and tear better that are often, unfortunately, the elements that ruin the aesthetic. That's why we always love it when we come across an alternative to one of those necessary but somewhat ugly finishing details that can really elevate your space. 

Today's find - a sleek and minimalist take on the doorstop. After all, those springy, wall-mounted doorstops might save your walls from internal doors slammed open too hard, but they're a bit of an interior design eyesore. 

This minimalist doorstop is going viral 

magnetic door stop

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There are all kinds of doorstops available, but a lot of the time, people forego them in their homes because none of them are super attractive. They either sit proud of the floor - which can cause a potential hazard - or protrude from the wall, but either way they add to the visual clutter of a space. 

However, there's a new way to install a doorstop is going viral, and for good reason. Depending on the color you choose, it's either super sleek and minimalist at worst, or almost invisible at best. And it's all thanks to magnets. 

It works by installing one half of the magnet in the underside of your internal door, and the other half - the magnetic 'pin' - flush into your flooring. As the door swings past the the pin, the magnet raises the pin, catching the door and acting as a stop. 

It's pretty easy to fit, and you can install it in an existing floor, too. It works for hardwood, tile, carpet and concrete. You simply drill a hole for the floor sleeve to be fitted into the floor. For the door, you may have to take it off its hinges to install the simple glass-plate fronted magnet. 

It comes in a range of colors, but we like the clear version for a really minimalist look. Pretty genius right?

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