The 70s Are Back — We Predict These "Retro-Inspired" Furniture Designs Will Be the Big Trend Next Year

Vibrant colors, glossy textures, and fun shapes all celebrate the return of the 70’s at this year’s Salone del Mobile, but with a more elevated touch

Milan Design Week Minotti living room with green sofa
(Image credit: Minotti)

When we think of 70's interiors we think vibrant colors, fun shapes, textures, and prints. Definitely a dopamine boosting style, we're not surprised to see it making a comeback in a time when we want our homes to not just look good, but also make us feel good. But leave it to the creativity of Italian brands at this year's Salone del Mobile to add a twist to the trend. The 70's aesthetic has been reimagined in a more sophisticated tone. 

We're still seeing a lot of color, incredibly plush and generous sofas in wonderfully textured material, and we'll still be able to enjoy the quirky shapes typical of the style. But there's a filter of elegance, a more grown-up vision laid on top, where the colors have richer, deeper tones, and are complemented by materials that elevate them. Shapes are fun and imaginative, but they have a more sculptural, artistic feel that gives them a more timeless presence, while pattern has been reimagined within the actual construction technique and layout of forms, and the materials used. 

As we're celebrating Italian design with the launch of our Italian Issue for Spring 24, we love seeing the creativity and sensibility applied by masters of innovation in the home of design. Here are some of our favorite pieces from the beautifully reimagined 70's trend. 

1. Minotti's Emi chair looks like a smile 

Milan Design Week Minotti Emi green accent chair

(Image credit: Minotti)

We loved Minotti's Emi chair showcased at Milan's Design Week, with its low, smile shaped seat and wide backrest. Strongly inspired by the 70's, the pieces in the collection are reinterpreted and have a sophisticated feel. 

The green on this chair is bold but rich and elegant, while the material is textured and comfortable but still subtle. The pairing with black wood legs give it a nature inspired feel too which make it a grounding addition to a living room or bedroom scheme. 

2. Baxter's Aura joyful pouffe 

Milan Design Week Baxter Aura Pouffe

(Image credit: Baxter)

This is such a joyful piece to incorporate in your home, with its shaggy texture and the subtle mirrored detail at the base. The 70's were known for their love of textured surfaces and materials with a very 'furry' look. This pouffe from Baxter is fun, and the choice of color is subtle enough to make it easy to incorporate in many schemes.

3. Poliform's Ernest sofa is perfect for entertaining

MIlan Design Week Poliform Ernest green sofa

(Image credit: Poliform)

Designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poliform, the Ernest sofa is an ode to comfort and the infinite possibilities of modularity. It has soft, deconstructed volumes inspired by a down cushion to provide total comfort. 

The juxtaposition of the different elements results in small or large, linear or L-shaped sofas, perfect for hosting social gatherings and creating a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere, typical of the 70s. 


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4. Galloti & Radice's cherry red glossy sideboard

Milan Design Week Gallotti & Radice Hide & Seek cherry red glossy sideboard

(Image credit: Gallotti & Radice)

Here is a reinterpretation of the 70s interior design trend in its most sophisticated form. Gallotti & Radice's is a collection that expresses the brand’s values for timeless design in which each piece of furniture harmoniously complements the others, and is perfect for a contemporary and elegant lifestyle. 

This unit has an interesting revolving half-cylinder on one side, and comes in gloss or matte lacquered wood, and various colors amongst which also feature Blu Pacifico blue, Verde Provenza green, and Rosa Jaipur pink.

5. Minotti's Janis room divider in a puzzle-like pattern

Milan Design Week Minotti Janis room divider panel in black glossy puzzle like pieces

(Image credit: Minotti)

This is a great piece to use in an open plan space not just as a room divider, but also to add sculptural interest. This piece is made in an intricate puzzle like pattern in a gloss finish that draws attention, but the dark color balances it out and gives it an elegant, subtle feel. When placing it in your home, style it to its full potential and avoid hiding it behind other pieces of furniture. It makes a great design statement on its own. 

6. B&B Italia's Omoi chair is a pop of color

Milan Design Week B&B Italia Omoi chair in orange

(Image credit: B&B Italia)

Omoi is a chair that perfectly encapsulates the shapes and colors of the 70s. Its enveloping form feels welcoming and looks almost human in its profile outline. The chair was designed for B&B Italia not only with relaxation in mind, but more specifically with the aim to facilitate conversation. 

'An armchair with the charm of a living creature, like an animal that makes people feel at home just by its presence. It is like a dog or cat lying quietly in the living room, regardless of the situation or location. It fits well in different kinds of spaces, from dining rooms to living rooms, but also in other rooms and entrances,' explains the designer Naoto Fukasawa.

7. Baxter's wavy twisting Dune bookcase

Milan Design Week Baxter Dune metallic twisting bookcase

(Image credit: Baxter)

Twisting, curving shapes are a staple of the 70's, and this bookcase has them in abundance. Baxter's Dune bookcase in stainless steel sheet by Draga & Aurel takes its inspiration from pop art. It will help create a very glamorous and luxurious feel in a modern home, and would look amazing in a sophisticated home office

It's a standout piece and a guaranteed conversation starter. Because the shape doesn't have a back, we would avoid placing it next to a wall as it might lose from its effect - think of it more as a standalone piece that you can also use as a divider for your layout. 

8. Gallotti & Radice's Ato egg shaped and textured rug

Milan design Week Gallotti & Radice egg shaped ochre rug with round textured pattern

(Image credit: Gallotti & Radice)

This rug made us smile straight away. We love the irregular egg shape which gives it a somewhat stone age inspired feel, and the pattern created through differences in pile heights and overlapping of forms on its surface. Ato is hand tufted and made from New Zealand wool with natural dyes.

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