Tan France’s Walk-In Closet Features a Clever Mirror Design That no Dressing Room is Complete Without

The Queer Eye star knows a thing or two about creating a luxurious closet, and his choice of mirror is as functional as it is beautiful

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As Queer Eye's fashion expert, Tan France is a go-to source for style inspiration, and his home is no exception. The fashion icon recently built his Utah home from the ground up and it's full of beautiful design ideas to inspire, one of those being his clever use of mirrors in his walk-in closet.

We wouldn't envision anything less than a fully kitted-out closet for a fashionista like Tan, but his three-room space tops all our expectations. Complete with two huge dressing rooms and a stylish central space dedicated to his content creation, this is one mammoth walk-in closet idea.

It's the latter of these that features a genius mirror design that we believe no dressing room is truly complete without. It's an idea you'll often find in the homes of celebrities and not only does it create a chic, boutique-like feel, but it's unbelievably practical, too.

Taking to Instagram to share one of his beloved 'fit checks, Tan was elated to reveal his finished dressing room at last. 'Finally getting to do Fit checks in my own closet,' he captioned the video, in which he shows off a preppy school-boy-inspired outfit, complete with Mary-Janes and a jean jacket. It wasn't his bold sartorial choice that caught our eye, however. Instead, we were fixated on his clever triptych mirror in the background.

Blending elements of his Pakistani heritage, Tan's small closet (flanked by two much larger ones, we hasten to add!) features arched details commonly seen in south-Asian designs. The same applies to a full-length tri-fold mirror seen behind him which is finished with the same bell-shaped dome outline. It brings a hint of glamour to Tan's beautiful clay-tone space while also allowing him to see his outfits from all angles.

'Mirrors are a must in a walk-in closet and tri-fold mirrors offer three times the benefit,' explains interior designer Angela Rennie.' The two side mirrors can be moved to get various views of an outfit you are wearing. Plus three mirror panels reflect more light which creates the illusion of a bigger and more spacious closet. I love Tan France's walk-in closet design because the decorative Moorish style tri-fold mirrors create a focal point in a narrow space. They not only reflect the flattering color and material palette but also reflect his fun sense of style and fashion.'

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Triptych mirrors are a common feature of vanities yet typically smaller in size, but Tan's closet makes a great case for floor-to-ceiling tri-fold mirrors in dressing room ideas, too. The idea came to him after seeing a 1950s photo of Judy Garland on set, her reflection pictured in three surrounding mirrors. During the planning of his home with Fox Group design services, Tan explained how he wanted to replicate the idea in his dedicated 'content creation' closet space.

'Certainly the most important decision in Tan's overall walk-in closet is the inclusion of the tri-fold mirror in the closet center,' notes Isy Jackson of Cheltenham Interiors. 'Coincidentally the three-paneled mirror is a staple in Indian and Islamic design. It is known as the Jharokha mirror and it is normally three arched mirrors with an ornate décor surround of predominantly carved wood or inlaid wood (using mother of pearl or ivory inlays). Perhaps subconsciously Tan was influenced by this idea when he commissioned it.'

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According to Isy, decorating with mirrors in this way comes with several benefits. 'By having mirrors on three panels that can fold out, you effectively utilize space efficiently,' she says. 'When closed, it takes up less space than a full-length mirror would, but when opened, it provides a comprehensive view from different angles, allowing you to check your appearance easily.'

Of course, one of the more obvious benefits in a dedicated dressing space like Tan's is that you're able to view your reflection from all angles. 'Unlike a single mirror that might limit your view, a tri-fold design allows you to see yourself from multiple angles,' Isy says. 'This is especially useful when trying on outfits or accessories that require a full view to assess properly. Mirrors can also enhance the overall aesthetic of a closet, making it feel more luxurious and functional.'

We might not all have a closet as extensive as Tan's, but adding a luxurious tri-fold mirror to your closet will make your morning routine far easier and more enjoyable. It also adds a fancy touch despite being a relatively inexpensive addition to the home - win, win!

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