'It's the New Sage!' — Tan France’s Guesthouse is Drenched in a ‘Zesty’ Green Hue that’s so Uplifting

This Queer Eye star's gorgeously green cottage is channeling big spring energy

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It's no surprise that we look to Tan France for inspiration when it comes to all things fashion and recently, he and his husband Rob have been flexing their eye for interior design. After putting the finishing touches on their lovely manor in Salt Lake City, the couple has added another beautiful home to their architectural roster - a fully fitted guesthouse.

Tan debuted a first look at their new cottage pad on his Instagram, and while the home decor is of vintage chic excellence, it's the creamy shade of green adorning the walls that caught our fancy. Instead of the darker, moodier greens that have draped the walls of modern homes in recent years, this shade of green is younger, chirpier, and loved by Tan and interior designers alike.

Incorporating a statement color across an entire home can be tricky and could easily overwhelm a space, but that's where the versatility of this green comes into play. Despite being a familiar color featured on the walls, doorframes, windows, and even the trim of Tan's guest home, the overall aesthetic of the home is left uncompromised. This can be attributed to the 'mildness' of this shade which almost resembles a milky matcha.

We're not alone in our love for this soothing shade of green, either. Here we spoke to two interior designers about what makes this shade one to watch, and here's what they had to say.

After an overwhelming use of sage in recent years, the big question is whether this could be the new 'it' color to decorate homes with this season. Interior designer Elana Mendelson finds this tranquil mint green color a breath of fresh air compared to the repetitive hues that have been taking up wall space. 'The pastel mint green featured in Tan France’s guest house is both soft and tranquil,' she says. 'The refreshing and uplifting nature of this color makes it a perfect choice for creating a calm, inviting space while sprinkling in a dash of playfulness.'

This particular shade of green holds a sense of whimsy and has Elana (and us) reminiscing at the thought of mint chocolate chip ice cream on warm summer nights. When creating a palette of colors that go with green, she suggests pairing this soft green with different shades of brown for a moodier overall finish, or going for a pastel pink or light violet for a prettier, more delicate touch.

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Like most greens, Tan's choice of mid-tone has a calming quality to it, but the zesty color feels far more uplifting than darker or smokier shades of green, making it a perfect choice for spring. 'The choice of green in Tan's guest house is nothing short of inspired,' explains Nina Lichtenstein, Founder of Custom Home Design. 'It exudes a sense of calmness and rejuvenation, inviting guests to unwind and immerse themselves in nature's embrace. The hue chosen strikes the perfect balance between freshness and tranquility, creating an ambiance that is both invigorating and serene.'

Nina also points out that, unlike more vibrant paint shades, this pleasant hue of green is easy to design around. 'When it comes to decorating with this color, the possibilities are endless,' she says. 'Pairing it with natural materials such as wood and stone enhances its organic appeal, while touches of brass or gold accents add a touch of elegance.'

We understand that painting thematically can be overwhelming so if you're not one for a major color rush, Nina recommends incorporating the tint through furnishings and decor pieces for a more subtle infusion of color. In-vogue and revitalizing, this is a color trend we can get on board with.

So, if you're having trouble choosing a paint color for your home and you're attempting to walk the fine line between whimsy and classy, then why not opt for this gentle green? It has Tan's seal of approval and ours too.


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