This "Sweet Pea Tent" is Going Viral — And You Can Plant It Now to Have One in Your Garden by Summer

Who needs tarps or tents when you can grow your very own floral teepee within the comfortable confines of your backyard?

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Spring is undeniably the best time of the year to dust off your gardening equipment and get to planting. And while you can stick to tending to your green hedges, your flourishing veggie patch, and your sturdy trees, we've come across a new gardening trick that makes for an exciting feature for lazy days spent in your yard. This might not be your conventional backyard grow but it's sure to be the most whimsical feature in your home garden.

Viral Instagram hacks are aplenty these days, and we wouldn't want you to waste your time or risk disrupting the beauty of your modern garden on just any landscaping trick, so we also spoke to the experts and as it turns out, they happen to be big fans of this fun garden addition. They have given us their best growth and care tips so that you can execute this trend to the best of your abilities.

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What is a sweet pea tent?

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As seen in a viral Instagram video, courtesy of digital creator Lara W (@what_a_view_cottage), these trendy sweet pea tents can bring so much joy to your backyard. Lara revealed that this is the best time to begin this planting technique so that you can have your very own sweet pea tent by the time August rolls around. From Lara's video, it appears that all you need to DIY this trend apart from the seeds is a couple of canes and some string.

Essentially, these colorful blooms are guided to grow along canes (like these from Target) that are constructed so they resemble a teepee. As the plant flourishes along the canes, the structure will be adorned by this lush plant and you're left with a hollow tent covered in greenery. Plant expert Allison Jacob from the site Trimmed Roots tells us that sweet peas are delightful annual plants known for their butterfly-like flowers that blossom in a rainbow of colors. 'Their relaxed climbing habit makes them perfect for creating an enchanting sweet pea tent in the garden,' she says. Additionally, as you can probably tell by the name of this bloom, sweet peas are known for their tantalizing fragrance. So not only will your sweet pea tent bring you joy but it will also make your garden smell amazing.

Expert tips to care for your blooming sweet pea tent

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Gardening expert Tony O'Neill, suggests choosing a sunny location for the sweet peas since they thrive in full sun but they can also tolerate partial shade. 'You can plant the sweet pea seeds directly at the base of each bamboo cane or you can start them indoors and transplant them once the weather warms. Planting multiple seeds around each pole will ensure a lush growth as long as you are careful to regularly water the flowers,' he says.

To keep your sweet pea tent in tip-top shape, Tony recommends treating the flowers to a low-nitrogen high-phosphorus fertilizer, an organic layer of mulch, and regular deadheading and pruning. According to Lara's viral video, if you start planting your seeds now, you'll have a prospering sweet pea tent by August. If you are planning on attempting this garden trend, do keep in mind that sweet peas are toxic upon consumption. So be sure to keep your pets and your children from consuming any part of the plant.

We have fallen in love with these fun little sweet pea tents. Just the sight of them brings joy and the crop's low maintenance makes this trend all the better to adopt for your budding flower beds. And if you're looking for the list of items needed for this blissful gardening experiment, you can refer to Lara's video or glance at our ideal buys to master this trend.

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