Serena Williams' Gold-Tinged Kitchen Features One of the Most Glamorous Range Ovens We've Ever Seen

The luxury Italian kitchen brand behind it should definitely be on your radar

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With so many accolades to her name, it's hardly surprising that Serena Williams' kitchen is one of the most luxurious we've seen. The tennis star's culinary space is tinged with gold accents which create a seriously elevated look, but it's her glamorous range oven that's really caught our eye. 

When designing a kitchen, the oven tends to be overlooked. As a functional appliance, many of us fail to consider the aesthetic contribution of these bulky yet essential kitchen features, and it's something that's been long undervalued by manufacturers, too. 

Serena's kitchen, however, makes a great case for oversized, top-of-the-range ovens, so large and luxurious-looking they're fit for a Michelin chef. Admittedly, we can't all fit an expansive stove with all the latest mod cons inside our modern kitchens, but investing in a beautiful cooker should certainly be on your mind. And, if you want a design-worthy kitchen that's sure to elevate your space, the luxury Italian brand behind Serena's oven should definitely be on your radar. 

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After sharing her kitchen in a recent Instagram post in an ode to her household's  Taco Tuesday tradition, we were bowled over by Serena's seriously luxe cooking set-up. Unsurprisingly, large ranges like these are certainly the stoves of choice in kitchens of the elite. They offer more space, more functionality, and they're generally a lot lovelier to look at, too (all reflected in the larger price tag, of course). 

While cast iron ranges like the iconic AGA offer opportunities to customize with color, traditional stainless steel ranges with matching hoods can make a more elegant impact, and up against Serena's beautiful white, gold, and silver mosaic tile backsplash, her huge range is the star of the show. 

It comes courtesy of iconic Italian kitchen makers, Officine Gullo, famous for making professional range cookers with glamorous, metallic accent finishes. If you want a lust-worthy kitchen but your existing lackluster oven is letting you down, this brand should be your first port of call. Stylish, sophisticated, and oh-so shiny, these metal stoves are the pinnacle of luxury. 

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Interior designers are big fans, too. 'I just love how Serena’s industrial-sized, Officine Gullo range and hood match perfectly and are so beautifully integrated into the space,' explains Elana Mendelson of Elana Designs. 'They clearly make a strong design statement and serve as the kitchen’s bold focal point along with the gorgeous gold, white and silver diamond backsplash.' 

Of course, we only catch a small glimpse of Serena's actual cooker in her Instagram post - the black and gold extractor hood is the real standout, fitted with a practical strip light for a chef-style cooking experience. 'The juxtaposition between the simplicity of the hood and range and the intricate details and movement of the backsplash adds elements of sophistication, playfulness, and luxury,' says Elana.

If you want to bring a touch of gold glamour to your kitchen, use Serena's space as a source of inspiration - and be sure to consider upgrading to an Office Gullo stove if you want a celeb-worthy space!

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