Reese Witherspoon Knows the Secret to a Good Entryway — and It's One You Can Replicate for as Little as $20

A brief look inside the actress and design icon's house had us reminiscing on everything we love about stair treads — then doing some shopping for a few options.

Reese Witherspoon
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In our vast and ever-changing culture, there is no one that does it quite like Reese Witherspoon.

The multi-hyphenate has wowed us for years with her iconic film and TV roles (what, like it's hard?), but has become just as much of a style and design icon in her downtime. Whether it's while you shop at some of the best home decor brands or as you get dressed in your favorite Elle Woods-inspired outfit, there is no denying that Reese's influence now stretches far beyond the silver screen.

In a casual demonstration of this fantastic taste-making, the actress just the other day posted what she probably thought was no more than a photo with her dog to her Instagram. But of course, here at Livingetc, we didn't see the dog at all. No, what we saw was a glimpse, however tiny, into Reese's home. And behind her, stretching up and down her staircase, was a patterned stair runner.

Reese Witherspoon holding her dog in frnt of her stairs

(Image credit: Reese Witherspoon via Instagram)

Now, stair runners are nothing new, nor are they entirely revolutionary. But they are so cozy and cute, and it's always a treat to know celebrities are decorating their homes just like us. And while it might take a bit of investment to custom fit a whole runner for your stairs, there is a convenient, simple, and affordable way to replicate this look for a lot less: peel-and-stick stair treads.

'Stair treads can add texture and visual interest to the space. It’s a great area to use an accent material or color,' says Alice Moszczynski, interior designer at Planner 5D. To that end, they can also 'add depth,' adds Rotem Eylor, CEO and founder of Republic Flooring, 'which may soften up the space as far as adding warmth.' Otherwise, treads are generally used to create a 'non-slip surface' and protect the 'underlying structure' of the stair, Rotem continues.

In Reese's case, her carpet runner does all of this for her; but in the interest of reinventing that look for less, easy peel-and-stick stair treads are the best option. They bring in that accent Alice was talking about and add that little bit of warmth that Rotem mentioned. Let's take a look at a few options below.

9 easy-install stair treads

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