'It makes a room soft and serene.' A designer explains a new decor trend that is better than any you've seen before

I’ve noticed a new fireplace treatment that will make your room look instantly elevated, creating a luxe and elegant feel

ali budd bedroom design
(Image credit: Ali Budd Interiors)

As far as fireplace ideas go, there's a new style that interior designers are embracing, an update of the classic hearth that has totally stolen my heart. Fluted edges are discreet but impactful, rich yet cozy, minimaluxe in its purest form. It's the perfect solution to an age-old problem - it can be tricky to design around a fireplace as you want to showcase it but in equal measure not in an overpowering way.  

To find out more about this wonderful new trend I spoke to Ali Budd, a designer who has found the perfect way to create the perfect fireplace, which in turn makes the ideal space. She shares her thought process below.  

 What is this new style of fireplace?  

ali budd in a room of her design

(Image credit: Marco Ricca. Design: Ali Budd)

Ali Budd, President and Creative Director of Ali Budd Interiors tells me this is called a ‘reeded mantel’ and that it’s made out of plaster with a painted finish. They often have to be made custom by hard-to-find specialists, but recently brands such as Strike by Chad Dorsey now sell them directly (albeit custom to your requirements). 

Ali specializes in luxe residential design projects and loves mixing metals, fabrics, and layering in different textures and finishes within her designs to create a cohesive home. 

The look and feel of this beautifully crafted fireplace proves the interior design firm’s ethos and the attention to detail that goes into a project, the very point of the minimaluxe movement.

‘The plaster fabricator made each separate piece of reeding and attached them one by one to achieve this look. To finish, we gave it two coats of white paint to give it a clean and smooth finish,’ adds Ali.

I was curious to know why this style of fireplace was incorporated into the design of this particular project, and what it adds to the overall scheme. Ali tells me her team wanted to incorporate texture into the space without overwhelming it or taking anything away from the other elements. ‘The reeding adds another layer while still keeping a soft and serene feel in the bedroom.’

 Is this a new trend we’ll be seeing more of?  

white bedroom with reeded fireplace and round white chair

(Image credit: Marco Ricca. Design: Ali Budd Interiors)

 Judging by the look of the reeded mantel I can see this raising above trends. Ali tells me ‘we don’t like to use the word trend, as we design for spaces to have longevity and to feel timeless. We love using reeding for multiple applications (from fireplaces, to millwork, to wall panelling) and we see ourselves incorporating this detail for years to come.’

Reeded products to buy now if you're just dreaming of a fireplace

These reeded designs all evoke the look and feel of the fireplaces Ali loves, though without the hefty wait times and quite such a big price tag.

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