Pinterest predicts: A Hellenistic revival for 2022

Future interior trends are rooted in ancient Mediterranean history – as we look to the past for the year ahead

Pinterest predicts: A Hellenistic revival for 2022 Pinterest predicts a Hellenistic revival for 2022
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Pinterest Predicts trend report is here, and with the annual report comes a forecast of the design features that will be big news in the year ahead. While the investigation addresses trends across all industries, there is, of course, one sector that's at the peak of our watch-list: interiors. 

However, according to Pinterest, the interior design trends of the future are rooted in the distant past, as they predict a Hellenistic revival for 2022. This suggests that next year, designers will draw inspiration from Ancient Greece – from Corinthian living room ideas to goddess-inspired wall coverings and statement statue art. 

Pinterest predicts: A Hellenistic revival for 2022 Pinterest predicts a Hellenistic revival for 2022

(Image credit: Mindthegap)

But how did Pinterest reach this prediction? The report suggests that searches for 'Aphrodite aesthetic wallpaper' have recently jumped by 180 percent, while 'Ancient Greek jewelry' is up by 120 percent and 'Ancient Greece aesthetic' by 65 percent. The report also shows a surge in Greek statue art and Corinthian columns that similarly contribute to the trend.

Greek revival

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'Pinterest attracts planners, which means people come to the platform for inspiration for the next thing they want to do, try or buy,' explains Louise Richardson, Director of Marketing at Pinterest. 'This gives us a unique view of what the future holds and what the next big trends are likely to be – it's a bit like having a crystal ball.' 

While Pinterest's Hellenistic prediction comes as part of a brand new study, interior design powerhouses have already embraced the upcoming trend. John Lewis has celebrated a Modern Mediterranean revival, while interior designers have similarly suggested ways to incorporate the sun-drenched style. 

Sharing his modern decorating ideas, Martin Waller, the founder of the global design brand at Andrew Martin, suggests turning to paint to achieve the Mediterranean aesthetic. 

Pinterest predicts: A Hellenistic revival for 2022 Pinterest predicts a Hellenistic revival for 2022

(Image credit: Mindthegap)

'Paint is the simplest way to transform a room; it's simple and easy... It transports us back to long lazy, sun-drenched days in the Mediterranean, and it can brighten us up on gloomy days,' he says. Amongst the most associable colors are rich olive and terracotta shades that give any space an escapist look.

If you've been looking for a sign to invest in an Aphrodite-inspired accessory, your time is now.

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