This simple buy for less than $15 makes your backyard look and feel so much more expensive

Outdoor curtains are an amazing way to add privacy and shade to patios and porches

pool patio shade curtains and veranda by Lindye Galloway
(Image credit: Lindye Galloway + Shop/Chad Mellon)

In the summer months shade is at the top of our list of garden essentials. As practical as an umbrella is, sometimes it just doesn’t fit the vibe, or space. Curtains on the other hand are versatile and can be customized to fit nearly every space, not to mention they're more visually interesting.

This neglected garden accessory softens direct sunlight, gives an element of privacy, and is loved by interior designers. They are perfect for when you need to create a safe haven away from the kids, and their water guns, or to create a more intimate space away from the neighbours.

Flowing white linen that flies in the wind is enough to transport us to the islands of Greece, even just momentarily.  That is the level of relaxation is one I aspire to this summer, and outdoor curtains certainly help. If you are searching for an easy upgrade to get in your backyard ASAP look no further. Your backyard will instantly look and feel more expensive.

Why outdoor curtains?

outdoor curtains Bloomint Design

(Image credit: Bloomint Design)

Outdoor curtains can be a subtle and understated patio feature. Primarily there for functionality, but without disrupting the flow of the space. As is the case in the beautiful patio in Mallorca by Bloomint Design. The curtains blend into the space as add a level of elegance that is impossible with traditional shade accessories.

"The issue with this porch was on the one hand the neighbours vis-à-vis and on the other hand the direct sunlight which heats up enormously at certain times of the day, making the use of the porch impossible,' explains Caroline Jaussaud, partner and interior designer at Bloomint Design. 'The curtains allowed us to solve these aspects while keeping a certain flexibility and lightness.' 

Outdoor curtains create a luxurious spa-like feel, and are an increasingly popular option for creating shade. If relaxation is what you are looking for, look no further. You can also easily attach them to existing structures such as pergolas and patio roofs, making them a quick solution for sun protection.

'We created this covered pool for a boutique feel that provided privacy and allowed for usage year-round,' interior designer Lindye Galloway says. 'The sheer curtains are great for ensuring privacy and shade from all sides but can be left open to allow more natural light and a light breeze for that perfect indoor-outdoor feel.' 

The best outdoor curtains to buy now

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