This is the most important thing to invest in for a living room, says an interior designer – and it's not the couch

What's the secret to a living room that feels professionally designed? Not skimping on this one item of decor, says designer Erin Lichy

minimalist neutral living room with white boucle sofa, marble coffee table and black marble fireplace
(Image credit: Marco Ricca. Design: Ali Budd)

There are definitely some pieces of furniture, or accessories that are worth investing in because they have the power to transform a space. Pieces that just by their sheer presence will elevate a room and make it look more put together, or thought through. More luxurious and designed, but without actually hiring the help of a professional. 

I spoke to interior designer, realtor, and RHONY cast member Erin Dana Lichy who owns her New York interior design company Homegirl NY, and she swears by this one piece of living room furniture that will instantly elevate your space 

‘Coffee tables. I think the coffee table is so important. I’ve been noticing in some homes you’ll have a basic wood square, and it just brings the space down so much,’ she says. I was surprised to hear this as the coffee table is not the biggest item in the room. My guess would have been the sofa. But Erin explains: ‘You can get away with a sofa if you put some great pillows on it, you forget about the couch itself. But you constantly see the coffee table. You notice the coffee table when it’s styled, more than you notice the couch,’ says Erin. 

I hadn’t actually thought about it before, but Erin’s point that the coffee table is the one thing to invest in makes perfect sense. A coffee table that is a beautifully designed piece will stand out and will be in your eyesight whether you’re sitting down or not. Placed in the middle of the room, it’s bound to draw attention. And with so many options out there, you’re sure to find something that will work perfectly in your home. Have fun with it and shop for a piece that has a sculptural feel, and wow factor and that will stay relevant regardless of interior design trends. Here are the best you’ll find out there to shop right now.  

These 6 investment coffee tables will instantly make your living room look designed 

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