The La Redoute rug our editor bought for his living room two months ago is now on sale at less than £20

Our editor Pip Rich paid four times as much for this La Redoute rug, now in the Black Friday sale

Pip Rich living room
The La Redoute Aftas rug in Livingetc editor Pip Rich's living room
(Image credit: Pip Rich)

Two months ago, I spoke to designer Beata Heuman for a feature on how to create the perfect Christmas table and pick a perfect palette for next year

One of the things I'm always impressed about with Beata's space is how eclectic they are, how they are filled with seemingly unrelated pieces that, under her careful curation, seem to come together as one. 

The secret to embracing maximalism in interior design, she told me, was to use jute rugs to ground everything. "I use a lot of jute because I’m all about contrast, and this is the opposite of the more elaborate items of furniture I tend to go for," Beata said. "You can’t go wrong with an interestingly curved sofa juxtaposed with a rustic rug that you don’t have to worry about messing up by walking on."

In the middle of my own refurb, getting close to finishing my living room and at the tail end of a budget that dwindled long ago, this was the affordable advice I needed.

La Redoute, you see, sells brilliant jute rugs at what I felt was the very reasonable price of £80. Now, in the Black Friday rug just two months later, the same rug is only £19.20. You're welcome.

In fact, I've come to think of La Redoute as a bit of a stylist's secret - there is a lot here you can use to dress a cool, contemporary home. I've also got my eye on lampshade and a bedside table, but here's my edit of the best rugs in the Black Friday sale, to add that perfect finishing touch.

La Redoute rugs in the Black Friday sale

la redoute rug black friday sale

Aftas Round Jute Rug, £19.20, La Redoute

(Image credit: La Redoute)
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Aftas Round Jute Rug | Now £19.20, saving 40%, La Redoute (opens in new tab)

I love having this rug in my living room. I've gone for a fairly sophisticated vibe - it'll one day be a smart lounge for having cocktails with guests in - and this softens the edges of an otherwise formal space.

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Aftas Round Jute Rug with lacy detail | Was £99, now £49.50, saving 50%, La Redoute (opens in new tab)

And if you want the same rug with a bit of extra detailing, these rings of cutaways make it feel very much like something you just brought back from Provence.

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Aftas XXL Jute Rug | Was £325, now £243.75, save 25%, La Redoute (opens in new tab)

Or perhaps you fancy a more hard edged approach, and a little larger. La Redoute really does have a great line in jute.

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Triba Cotton Rug | Was £165, now £99, save 40%, La Redoute (opens in new tab)

Not jute this time, but a similar sensibility. This camel-coloured rug has added black graphic shapes for a look that says statement, without saying it too loudly.

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Faded Antique Style Rug | Was £59, now £29.50, saving 50%, La Redoute (opens in new tab)

I once brought a rug like this back from Morocco, cramming it onto my Easyjet flight like seemingly most other passengers, paying extra for extra space. If only I'd known about this instead!

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Tobi Berber-Style Wool Rug | Was £215, now £139.75, saving 35%, La Redoute (opens in new tab)

I tend to think the black and white Berber style rug is a little overdone (sorry) but this pink and green take feels fresh and ready for Spring.

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Seda Wool and Viscose Mix Rug | Was £225, now £157.50, saving 30%, La Redoute (opens in new tab)

We've seen kaleidoscopic rugs coming up as one of the big flooring trends (opens in new tab) for 2022, and this is probably as bold as I'd dare to go. The gold and green speak to me of 1920s art deco, which I find particularly appealing.