Kate Hudson's Eclectic Bedroom is so Full of Joy, We'll be Using the Cozy Aesthetic to Banish our January Blues

Designers all agree that her vintage style is set to dominate homes in 2024

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Kate Hudson has been a style icon ever since she first graced our screens. The Almost Famous star is always one of the best dressed on a red carpet, she co-founded the athleisure brand Fabletics, and if that wasn't enough, she's also best pals with Stella McCartney. It's no surprise, then, that we trust her judgment when it comes to interiors, too. 

In a recent Instagram post, she confirmed everything we already knew about her impeccable taste. And yet, while we've been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse inside her warm beige home on previous occasions, this recent photo revealed a more whimsical side of the Golden Globe honoree than anything we've seen before. Her eclectic bedroom masters the vintage aesthetic that's been sweeping social media, and we're totally smitten with the look. 

It's not just us, either. We spoke with some designers who all confirmed that this classically vintage interior design trend is set for revival in 2024. It's so cozy and joyous that we'll be taking design notes to help cure our January blues, and here's why you should, too. 

Every bedroom should feel cozy, but a whimsical vintage aesthetic really raises the comfort bar to the next level. Something about rich textures, layered patterns, and an eclectic mix of styles does wonders for making a joyful space that feels like a warm hug as soon as you enter the room.

That's exactly what can be found in Kate's bedroom. Sharing a carousel of images ahead of the holidays captioned 'Around the home lately..', she offered us a glimpse at her beautiful bedroom, complete with a sumptuous velvet bed, fringed art deco-style lamps, and a glamourous brass chandelier featuring a botanical motif.

'I am a lover of this time over year and soak every minute of it up,' she wrote in the caption. 'I guess that is a good metaphor for how I feel about life and celebrating our time here. It’s as fleeting as the holidays. Here today, gone tomorrow. So I choose to make it sweet and cozy.'

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Not only do designers love the overall look of Kate's bedroom itself but the message she communicates about honoring our possessions, an ethos that underpins the eclectic style more broadly. 

'When looking at her bedroom on Instagram, Kate’s vibe is definitely vintage eclectic, but her message is about the joy and art of collecting over time,' explains interior designer Ashley Macuga of Collected Interiors. 'She reflects on creating a home that's filled with things (and people) you love, and I love that as an interior focus for 2024 - to create spaces filled with colors, objects, textiles, and furnishings that are representative of your family and your life.' 

This was a focus of one of Ashley's recent client projects where the only item purchased for a guest bedroom redesign was a quilt. 'Everything else was collected from the home,' she says, 'and it might just be the warmest, coziest spot in the house - welcoming you in to stay awhile'. 

In Kate's bedroom Manuela Hamilford, founder of Hamilford designs, notes the key components that dial up the cozy factor. 'I'd have to pick out the combination of a velvet bed, vintage throws, and the use of dresser drawers as side tables,' she says. 'A great styling tip is to never be afraid to mix it up.' 

How should recreate Kate's bedroom in your own space? 

Creating a characterful space like Kate's is all about embracing your eclectic possessions and mixing old and new. Turning your attention to your soft furnishings is one of the best ways to experiment with this idea safely, and it's a trick that can be applied to any space - not just the bedroom. Laura Williams of ATX Interior Design notes the vast combination of fabrics within Kate's bedroom that help swaddle the room and add warmth. 'The fringed bedside lamps paired with the velvet tufted headboard are a gorgeous moment,' she says. 

That said, when styling your home with vintage pieces, it's still important to consider elements such as color. The natural patina of antique items lends itself to a darker and moodier look, so it's best to opt for hues that compliment that feel. 'Kate's color story of her bedroom is my biggest takeaway,' notes Laura. 'It's earthy, cozy, inviting - everything you need in your primary bedroom!' Think smoky greens, burnt oranges, and dusky pinks. 

So, will the trend for a vintage aesthetic prevail this year? Laura believes it will. 'I think in 2024 minimalism is on its way out and a more eclectic and overly decorated style is in,' she says. 'Cozy textures, warm color tones, and pieces that are so interesting they strike up a conversation are going to be seen more and more this year.' And with that, we're ready to start redecorating with our newfound and unbridled enthusiasm! 

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