Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's stunning living room masters two of the big sofa trends we predict for 2024

The couple's $15 million home has just sold, and has offered a sneak peek inside their beautifully designed living room

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner
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If there's ever a house that has a living room that feels like the heart of the home, it might be in this Miami waterfront property currently owned by Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner and her husband Joe Jonas of The Jonas Brothers. 

After buying the house, described as 'Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired but with a tropical twist', in 2021, the celebrity couple asked interior designer Sarah Ivory to give the beautiful home a new look, including this colorful living room which masters chic Miami-style. However, after buying the property for $11 million a few years ago, the couple has now just sold the modern home for some $15 million. 

While Sophie and Joe are now bidding farewell to this waterfront beauty, we might find it a little harder to say goodbye to this stunning space, especially as its focal point is a huge sectional sofa that features two of the biggest sofa trends we think you'll see a lot more of in the next year. 

Here's what designers have to say about their incredible living room set-up, and the trends this space picks up on. 

"Split" sectionals

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner Miami home

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Sectionals are one of the big sofa trends for luxury homes, helping to fill large rooms and providing the perfect hang-out and party spaces for these epic homes. But, in reality, they're a style of sofa that's become popular in homes of all sizes. ‘Sectionals have become so much more popular in recent years in large part as a response to the way we are living now,’ Connecticut-based interior designer Georgia Zikas says. ‘With the amount of time we spend at home, comfort and versatility are key. In this day and age, you can get gorgeously stylish sectionals that complement your overall design.’

However, there's one annoying thing about using a sectional. Sometimes you don't have a side table, or coffee table, nearby to prop your drink on. The newest addition to the sectional we're seeing in modern design is an answer to this - the integrated side table. 

‘These brand-new seating configurations – which feature coffee tables or shelves jutting out at the back, or at the end next to the seat – are becoming increasingly popular because they allow people to live more comfortably,’ explains designer Roberto Minotti, Co-CEO of modern furniture brand Minotti, ‘People are now looking for tailor-made living solutions that can simultaneously offer a wide range of seating options and ensure a variety of functions, such as resting, working and conversing.’

This trend combines the beauty of art with the practicality of design, and also adds a little rhythm to seating set-ups. It's not a surprise that interior designer Sarah Ivory opted for this piece for Joe and Sophie.

Dual colored sectionals 

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner living room miami

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This show-stopping sofa doesn't just nail the split sectional, but another interior design trend that makes a sectional more interesting. Mixing and matching two sectional colors is a great way to bring the 'wow-factor' to a living room couch. 

We've seen dual color sectionals in a few interior designer projects recently, but this combination really brings the vision to life, and the pairing of magenta and mustard gives the room some Miami Art Deco charm. 

Both of these living room sectional ideas work particularly well with this on-trend Camaleonda-style sofa, too. 'The sofa's bulky form is perfectly aligned with the current trend toward organic, rounded shapes,' architect Agi Kuczyńska, founder of Takk Studio, explains, 'while its opulent appearance adds an element of extravagance to any space.'

Sophie and Joe's home has some brilliant ideas throughout it, but their living room is a space that will stick with us. If only we had the $15 million budget to be the ones who are moving in. 

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